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How to fight your child's nasal congestion (X)

How to fight your child's nasal congestion (X)

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How to fight your child's nasal congestion (X)

Nettle is one of the most common childhood illnesses, which can occur up to 7-10 times a year in children. The smaller you are with children, the more severe the symptoms may be.

The clearing of the nasal mucosa, the accumulation of impurities, the nasal discharge of the nasal passages inhibit the free flow of air. This can cause restlessness, drowsiness, and irritability, which interrupts sleepy sleep and feeding. In addition to countless home practices, seawater nasal sprays, rich in minerals and trace elements, can be effective in addressing the above problems.

Nasal congestion professionally

We have all experienced the unpleasant sensation when a cold or allergy seems to plug in our nose and can only be breathed through the mouth. Nasal congestion is one of the most common problems with breathing, which causes swelling of the nasal cavity and makes breathing harder than just breathing. Countless events can lead to the formation of infants and babies, especially since they are By the age of 6 months, they breathe exclusively through their noses.

Sea nasal sprays

We distinguish two types of nasal spray based on sea salt concentration: and isotonic and hypertonic spray-t. Isotonic solutions contain the same amount of salt as the human body, whereas hypertonic sprays have a positive effect due to their higher content. Trace elements in solutions play an important role in maintaining the health of the nasal cavity, which promotes proper functioning of the upper respiratory tract. Moisturize and cleanse the nasal mucosa to prevent contamination from sticking. Isotonic solutions are also suitable for infants and young children because of the relaxation of the nasal passages and nasal passages.

Light materials from the Adriatic Sea

Nettle is the most common disease in the world every year that affects babies. The reason for this is that the tentacles breathe exclusively through the nose for up to 6 months, so in these cases nasal congestion not only results in poor condition and restless sleep, but also makes them difficult to sleep. Inappropriate nutrition can also have the following consequences, as infants can be dehydrated due to their small body weight. The nasal spray applicable from 15 days onwards, contains minerals, and trace elements that help maintain nasal cleansing and health. loosens the thickened shoulder, removes contaminating particles, dust and other impurities, hydrates and regenerates the nasal cavity. Isotonic saline can be used several times a day: it relaxes the epidermis prior to nasal use and regenerates the nasal cavity after nasal use.




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