Should I give you the fruit or the leaf?

Should I give you the fruit or the leaf?

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Pediatricians recommend the first choice of fruit juices when infants are fed. This is not only about introducing new tastes, but also about supplementing vitamin C and fluids.

Give the baby only fruit juice made for babies!

Although fruit consumption has a number of benefits, it can be disadvantageous beyond certain quantities and qualities. During the summer months, seasonal presses are easily sourced, fresh and healthy beverages (several times as much as the preparation and storage requirements).

Healthy baby drink

The popularity of glassy baby drinks in Hungary, whose composition reflects age-specific features, is also well-suited for hygienic reasons. However, many are already selling infants with commercially available boxed and other packaged fruit drinks. These drinks are not made for baby food. The real, high-quality fruit is 100 percent fruit content. Fruit drinks are a lot of water and carbohydrates, tasty but dietary values ​​are not the same as fresh fruit juice or strictly controlled drinks from baby food manufacturers.The real fruit juice is also water and carbohydrate, the proportion of sugar components varies according to the type of fruit. In any case, the carbohydrate content is between 11 and 16 g / ml, which is very high when compared to the color of milk of 7 g / 100 ml. It also has low, non-significant protein levels in fruit juices, and minerals (mainly potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin A). Certain carbohydrate constituents (fructose and sorbitol) are not permanently resolved in dental individuals and cause complaints. This is especially true when consuming apples and pears.Almost 10 ml / ts / kg of fruit juice is processed properly. When taken in excess, the unabsorbed carbohydrates in the colon produce gases and fatty acids that can cause bloating, gassy, ​​abdominal pain, chronic diarrhea, and acidosis.

Multiple times a day

Fruit juice should not be given to babies under 5-6 months, do not substitute for breast milk or infant formula. For infants over 6 months of age, a daily dose of fruit juice and no more than 1-2 deciliters per day is recommended. Avoid trying fruit juice in baby bottles (rather than glasses), which the child will then drink all day long. Special attention should be paid to the hygienic quality of the fruit. In the case of diarrhea, in the event of weight loss (under- or over-feeding), calculate the recommended amount and determine the recommended breed. These will also be useful:
- Fruit cakes for kids
- Infant Feed: On the start line at 6 weeks
- Eat sour cherries


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