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Young people say safe settlements are kid friendly

Young people say safe settlements are kid friendly

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Young people between the ages of 10 and 18 should consider safe settlements child friendly, but it is also important for them to be included in decisions that affect them.

Young people say safe settlements are kid friendly

This is based on a research conducted by GfK Hungaria Market Research Institute, commissioned by the Hungarian UNICEF Foundation. In the survey, between the ages of 10-14 and 15-18 years, one hundred and seventy young people were asked about what a child-friendly environment, a public area, a local area known as the FKKKK, his conclusion was that children are interested in what's happening in the settlement, and well, we can formulate what they want, what they think should be changed. According to the children, in offices, public spaces they have no regard for them йs they do not receive enough information. There is one exception to this: the library, which is a very positive, popular public space in the eyes, which is why they go to the heart. opportunities are also available. According to the survey, the need for children to express their opinions depends on the socialization of the school and the family, but young people are not among the middle schoolers. Нgy pйldбul 15-18 йves fiъk inkбbb the Internet szerveznйnek movement йrdekeik йrvйnyesнtйsйre, mнg lбnyok fejeznйk the street tьntetйseken inkбbb out vйlemйnyьket.A GfK Hungбria kutatбsбt its apropуjбn ismertettйk to UNICEF Hungary Bizottsбg Alapнtvбny idйn - immбr mбsodjбra - announced Gyermekbarбt telepьlйs pбlyбzatбt. The government and the 2-2 million forints that it receives from the Ministry of Human Resources can be challenged by local governments that, for the most part, want to address this issue. Ziggins-Zemplín County, and the Government of Hódmezővásárhely and Ubud-Békésmegyer won the title, for example, with its innovative solutions. When considering applications, consideration is given to the possibilities of the given settlement, so disadvantaged settlements may start as Cigand could win. Danks EmeseThe alapнtvбny нgy the gyermekbarбt by ьgyvezetх igazgatуja the jцvхben telepьlйsek akбr club szervezхdhetnйnek, thereby erхsнtve gyermekbarбt by szemlйletьket.Danks Emese tбjйkoztatбsa this year pбlyбzatokat kьldhetik jъlius 24 йig the цnkormбnyzatok, йs now hбrom - and dнjaznak telepьlйst - kьlцnbцzх nagysбgъ. The manager also said they are making a child friendly map of Hungary. For this reason, an online testimonial has been launched on Unicef, with the aim of presenting to municipalities what aspects they consider important.


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