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Autism is not caused by influenza during pregnancy, nor by vaccination

Autism is not caused by influenza during pregnancy, nor by vaccination

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A study of 196,000 children found that there was no correlation between influenza during pregnancy, vaccination against influenza, and the problem of childhood autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Autism is not caused by influenza during pregnancy, nor by vaccination

In a study published in JAMA Pediatrics, 196,929 children were examined for developmental development from at least 24 weeks pregnant. Mothers were diagnosed with influenza in 0.7 percent (1,400 women), while 23 percent (45,231 women) were diagnosed with influenza vaccine. Later, 1.6 percent (3101 children) had ASD. Experts found that no matching between autism and vaccinations in the second and third trimesters of influenza. Earlier it was suggested that first-trimester vaccination and autism spectrum disorder may be correlated, but this has not been confirmed in significant research. research has not been able to establish a causal relationship between influenza, influenza vaccination and the appearance of autism spectrum disorders. As in any case, it is important to say that there are, of course, limitations to research: in this case, professionals could not test other predisposing factors, and the diagnosis of ASD could not be confirmed (confirmed only) clarifying the relationship between a given flu vaccine and ASD requires further examinations.


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