A new conception may be in the pipeline soon

A new conception may be in the pipeline soon

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Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, are working on developing a new conception and event that are based on well-known compounds in medicine.

A new conception may be in the pipeline soon

Those skilled in the art have been able to identify the molecules that prevent sperm from reaching the egg cell speed is up, due to the inhibition of the cation channel in the tail of the sperm. However, if the human germ cell is not fast enough, it will not be able to digest itself on the outer skin of the egg, meaning that it will not be able to conceal fertility. Polina Lishko reportedly the newly tested compounds are ten times more potent than the currently available contraceptives, they have no side effects.In addition, it would also be a big change that these molecules could be introduced into the body either immediately before or immediately after the act, emergency contraception could also be used they can also act as a patch or a vaginal contraceptive in the form of a skin adhesive.
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