What do your newborn babies love?

What do your newborn babies love?

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Newborn babies can usually sleep less because of the baby - but what about the miracles?

What do your newborn babies love? (Photo: iStock) There's been a lot of research on how to influence the quality of your baby's sleep, but few have dealt with moms' woes. Dr. Tore Nielsen, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Montreal, is the only researcher in the world to study the afterlife of childbirth. In 2007, she conducted a collaborative study in the journal Sleep, which included 273 women who were pregnant, were newly born, or had never been pregnant. The same tanulmбny kйszьlt kevйs lйtszбmъ rйsztvevхvel, йs цnbevallбson based on the data, йrdekes цsszefьggйseket mutatott.A vizsgбlatban rйsztvevх almost цsszes nх emlйkezett the бlmaira - бlmodtak the vбrandуs or freshly szьlt nхk tцbbet, were often rйmбlmaik, йs бlmodtak much ъjszьlцttekrхl. Many were in the midst of seeing the baby drown. Born women with greater certainty experienced anxiety in their lives, and they also tried to save their babies in their minds that they were in danger - this is called behavioral harm. In such cases, we try to physically perform things in our lives, such as yelling, snapping, yawning, or jumping. When we dream, our brains usually turn off our muscles to stop moving, but in that case, the mechanisms that crave the body are suppressed. There are no statistics, йdesanyбknбl. According to a 2007 study by Dr. Nielsen, two-thirds of participating mothers reported this. Researchers are not clear about what may cause this, but It is believed that some levels of hormones such as oxytocin, prolactin or vasopressin may be in between and some lack of quality sleep.Dr. Carolina Marcus of the University of Rochester, New York, MD, associate professor and associate professor, says that we go through four normal sleep cycles during the normal night, and the end of the fast eye movement phase, the REM phase. The REM phase is when people are most alive and when their brains are able to process the things of the day the most, but when you do this briefly, for example, a small baby voice starts all over again. Therefore, mothers who are awakened twice by the baby may never fully reach the REM phase.That's why it's not just a question of how much sleep a mother gets, but the quality of it. If mothers do not get adequate quality sleep in succession overnight, the brain will try to patronize lost dreams by making them stronger in the REM phases. When this happens, the feelings can be so vital that the body cannot properly rest its muscles, And he can't stop the movement. That might explain why new moms might try to buy what they love. According to experts, it would be important for new mothers to sleep at least 3-4 hours at night, and in this case the partners should choose to feed. also that somewhere along the sleeping and awake he had a wolf standing beside his bed, but as soon as he was up, the animal disappeared. According to the expert, these hallucinations are not uncommon in moms, and even then muscles are often regretted. Dr. Nielsen also said that studies have shown that new mothers often have hallucinations and that will make them move or to see if the baby is safe.(VIA)Related links: