Seated patiently beside me and explained Who helped with breastfeeding?

Seated patiently beside me and explained Who helped with breastfeeding?

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Several readers of the December issue of Maternity Magazine sent out the story of who they felt was most helpful when it came to breastfeeding.

Boldi was born quickly, under the umbrella of an owl, and soon had a big break with breastfeeding - and, being a "beginner" mom, I was afraid everything would be okay because she was a baby. But I was scared early…
Although I was born at 5 pm in duluth, I was taken away, saying I couldn't be with me the first night because I had to rest. I went for her, to see, catch, breastfeed, but at the door of the room I lost my blood and did not miss the good long way to the next baby class. When I was brought in after eleven, I discovered a sugary glass of water next to it ... After a night of awakening, I stood at the door at 6 am and squeezed my clothes, but when I did, - when you take it in your mouth, your nipple disappears and your butt is just rushed, you can't get it with your little mouth. I asked the baby boy for advice, who was not very keen, just looked at me and told me that I needed a bud. She hadn't had the time to show the right breast or anything else. In the infant class it was possible to buy the necessary supplies, from then on my baby was suckling a little awkwardly, but with the help of budding.
Then came the moment of "training" the new mothers: her lovely baby showed her diapering, told us to breastfeed severely, to breastfeed, to breastfeed, before and after. Only the best came this time. My little boy scanned almost the whole night, and then turned dark blue. I didn't get to breastfeed, they just let me take my skim milk to him. My brother brought in the already bought head machine, because in the town hall they give it only to the one who buys it later. I watched it all day long, while it was under the blue light and I couldn't see it.
Five days later, I was exhausted and came home with a dietary recipe, and Boldi Bar was able to suck on her nipple, showing a meager amount of herbal health.
A friend of mine recommended Ibolya Ruzha, who was able to come and help us soon. He sat patiently beside me, encouraged me, showing me the techniques for breastfeeding with a flat nipple (because it turned out to be the cause of the problem). He explained what it is like to breastfeed on demand, and convinced me not to miss every breastfeeding session, waking me up to the deliriously nipple that I had so far, and taking it with me. And let's sleep together. He also drew my attention to the carrying when he saw Boldi's dumb baby. The beginning was very difficult: we had to get rid of the buds and learn the good and cool breastfeeding bushes, but it was worth it! Until the age of Boldi, she was exclusively suckling, and she was very beautiful. She's 16 months old and breastfeeding! With so much help from Violet, I was able to help myself with moms with similar problems.
I like to breastfeed! Kцszцnцm!