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The tick is capable of delivering a number of pathogens to humans. In everyday practice, there are two types of disease, one is Lyme disease and the other is a virus-induced encephalitis.


Lyme disease is caused by a bacterium, which is well cured with antibiotics, but there is no cure for it. In contrast, the redhead luckily we have immunization against encephalitis, which can be given after one year. Therefore, protection is important because there is no effective remedy for the disease. In our country, vaccination is less likely to occur, but for families who frequently go out, the vaccine should be given consideration. The tick can carry and spread a variety of pathogens, primarily Lyme disease and tick-borne viral encephalitis. There are two peaks in activity in Hungary: from the end of March to the beginning of June, the second occurs in September. The tick is found in the leaves, sыr undergrowth occurs in forests, shrubs and bushes, but can also be found in cities, parks, playgrounds. If you are planning an excursion or outdoor program, avoid the thick undergrowth, bushwalking, and walk in the woods only on designated walkways. It is recommended to use a tick repellent. If ticks that are ingested in our skin are discovered and removed in a timely fashion, they cannot enter the body. Once home, by all means let us look closely at ourselves and at each other.The so-called active vaccine with a pre-vaccine substance is possible, it should be repeated one to three months after the first administration, and nine to twelve months later, usually 0, 1, and 1 year. It can also be given in an accelerated fashion if justified (you can get the second one after the first three weeks). Hell ow mv reminder vaccination need to be administered.Little known is the so-called passive immunization. This means that two days after the tick can be given a vaccine that contains a special antibody (for those who have not previously received a vaccine) that will prevent any possible tick-borne brain inflammation.
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