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Lactility: ingredients to look out for

Lactility: ingredients to look out for

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Following the diagnosis of lactose intolerance or the sensitivity of milk sugar, the previous dietary habits change, as the treatment is based on the fact that foods containing lactose should be avoided or reduced.

Lactility: ingredients to look out forThe dieter Magpie Dorottyab, the Buda Allergy Center spoke to a dietitian.

You live in ready-made meals

Milk sugar with milk (milk whites) is one of the 14 significant allergens: cowhide, italics, thickening on the packaging of the finished products, or number 7. For example, if this number is listed next to the name of the food on the card, it contains milk, in which case it is not possible to consume high-lactose sensitive foods.

Not all dairy products are banned

However, this does not mean that lactose-sensitive people should refrain from consuming all dairy products - emphasizes Dorottya Szarka. Only lactose (lactose) containing supplements should be avoided, depending on individual tolerance. Individual tolerance means that after consuming the same amount of lactose in food different severe symptoms may occur, depending on the extent to which lactase-degrading lactose enzyme activity is reduced.

What signs should we look for?

Foods that contain any of the following ingredients are not included in the lactose-free diet: lactose (lactose), milk, milk powder, sour milk, sour milk, butter, yogurt, kefir, milk, milk, cheese cytopan powder, milk margarine, lactic acid-based sweetener (lactitol - E966), casein, casein.

What is safe to consume?

Products containing milk, milk derivatives that have been labeled "lactose-free" on their packaging or labels may be included in the diet. Then consider a gift lactose-free if its milk sugar content does not exceed 0.1 grams per 100 grams. A reduced lactose content is a product if the milk sugar content is 0.2g / 100g.

How Do We Use Lactose Constituents?

The launch of formulations containing lactase (an enzyme that breaks down lactose) has greatly facilitated the work of lactose-sensitive people. The best known form is the lactase tablet, but also in the form of capsules, drops and powders. They can also be used with food containing lactose, as the active ingredient is the enzyme lactase itself. It is essential to read the package leaflet, but as a general rule, the enzyme activity present in the tablets is approx. 10 grams of milk sugar (about 200 ml of milk consumed) and the enzyme activity contained in the capsules is approx. Sufficient for processing 5-6 g of lactose. The dosing should always be adjusted to the intended dosing. If the patient is not sure about the lack of lactose or in a strange place, eg. It is definitely worth getting a lactase supplement during your holiday. There are no known side effects or signs of poisoning with the use of the lactase enzyme because the excess is eliminated through the gastrointestinal tract. In all cases, always observe the maximum applicable quantity stated on the packaging.

It is worth consulting a dietitian!

For those affected, the lactose-free diet does not seem complicated at first, as it is possible to follow only the lactose-free label, and diet failure can be ruled out in March. However, Dorottya Szarka said that during the first period, the use of a few lesser known lactose-containing products often causes unpleasant symptoms. For example, few people know that even toothpastes, medicines, diet supplements can contain lactose! You have to be careful when cooking, cooked, cooked, meaty, because the skin basically does not contain milk, dairy sugar, but in many cases it is added to , buffalo milk, and home-made dairy products!Related articles in Lactation:
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