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Significant amount of baby bibs bought for savings

Significant amount of baby bibs bought for savings

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So far, 17 billion forints have been purchased for baby bonds, and retail government securities and 800 billion forints are in the hands of private investors, said Ildikz Balatoni.

The baby voucher can be tied for children under the age of 18. You can buy this Treasury bill for a Start Securities by opening a visit to one of the Treasury's betting offices. Children born after December 31, 2005 will receive a one-time donation of HUF 42,500 for start-up support. The amount placed in your account is 3 percent above the rate of inflation for a child up to 18 years of age - explained by the deputy chairman. tбmogatбs. With this amount of savings, at the end of the 18-year maturity, he will accumulate 2 million forints, which is a considerable sum for the start of life - added Ildikó Balatoni.


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