The menstrual cycle is not always upset by IR

The menstrual cycle is not always upset by IR

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Menstrual disorders may have a number of problems in the background, but insulin resistance is often the cause. It is true that this is a very common and characteristic symptom of the disease, but it may happen that the standard 28-day cycle is maintained.

The menstrual cycle is not always upset by IRDr. Viktor Koppbny, the BUD Endocrine Center PCOS and Insulin Resistance Specialist, therefore, recommend that no one should miss IR during normal menstruation, as this may still be the problem.

Risk of high insulin levels

Insulin produced in the pancreas is the main hormone for carbohydrate metabolism, which is responsible for transporting glucose from the blood to the cells. In the case of insulin resistance (IR), the cells are depleted and thus become resistant to insulin. Because of this, the pancreas needs to produce more insulin than it needs to be able to get the sugar into the cells, says dr. Viktoria Koppany, PCOS and insulin resistance specialist at the Buda Endocrine Center. The biggest risk of this condition is that it puts a long period of heavy burden on the pancreas, which eventually develops, and can easily lead to type 2 diabetes. however, a common blood glucose test may not always diagnose the disease, as in insulin resistance it is possible that the level of glucose is within the normal range and that only the amount of insulin is lost. In particular, if someone suspects IR, they should take the necessary examinations for an extended insulin test, including 0.60 and 120 minutes.

The bleeding is not always irregular

IR is suspected to occur in most cases of irregular menstruation, but it is not uncommon for cycle changes to occur. That is why the other characteristic symptoms are worth observing: acne, herniation, fatigue, ovarian cysts, cavernousness (especially after 2-3 ounces). Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for any complaints to call attention to the problem, and in most cases, pregnancy is a condition where insulin resistance is thought to cause infertility, says dr. Viktoria Koppany, PCOS and insulin resistance specialist at the Buda Endocrine Center.

It is based on 3 pillars

Without IR treatment, it can not only cause aesthetic problems, but can easily lead to type 2 diabetes. It is based on three pillars: a special diet for colorless hydrocarbons, regular physical activity and, if necessary, medication. It is important to know that insulin resistance requires a complete life course, so strict adherence to the protocol and regular monitoring is required to normalize values! For maximum effect, seek endocrinologist, dietitian and exercise therapist reviews, advocating improvement from all sides!Related articles on insulin resistance:
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