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Now I like to breastfeed

Now I like to breastfeed

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The second baby and three months ago I needed to say: I like to breastfeed - reads ours, Orsolya.

Before she was born the first baby, I thought breastfeeding was the simplest thing in the world. The mother-in-law has been breastfeeding her babies, and women's breasts have been created for this. The baby catches the baby, loses the milk, and that's it. What could be simpler?
To do this, I was breastfeeding my first baby (who is already a two-year-old grandmother) for only three months, and according to my baby diary, it was somewhere around two and a half months old when she was breastfeeding. But this three wasn't there tomorrow zцkkenхmentes. He was already very sick in the hospital, and when we got home he still had a lot of chills, he barely slept. My first thought, of course, was to be hungry, well I don't have enough milk. We tried breastfeeding, somehow it was not straightforward. Early in the week, the pediatrician offered to take a diet.
My mother-in-law, with her first child, had no experience and I didn't want my baby to starve. So he got it from a very young age, which, of course, led to the gradual drooping of the milky beauties. Even though I was really trying, even at night, I was barely sleeping ... Whoever did the same thing knows how much you fancy, I guess I don't have to go into detail. I had a nipple in the hospital, and I came home with bloody urticaria. During every breastfeeding, I would have preferred to scrape the wall.
Szуval summa summarum, the whole kнnszenvedйs volt. When my mother told me about the wonderful feelings of breastfeeding, the beautiful eyes that baby had on her mother's face, I just looked at her with big eyes because she was breastfeeding.
I decided that if it was mбsodik child, I will be better prepared for the whole thing. We did not have to wait much for his brother, he soon moved into the tummy. I accidentally downloaded all the LLL brochures, signed it down. I was prepared like a little school for the exam. I went to a sucker club and bought a comfortable pillow and sucker. When my baby was born, I faced the same problems as my baby. He was a good sleeper, but his nipple was as small as the first one. We were still in the hospital, but I was hurting the whole thing. On our day of coming home, the dairy got into it. I also asked for a Breastfeeding Advice who came to us, showed me correct breast placement, and many little tricks that help heal the breast. Two weeks later, the wounds healed, but the tits were still quite sensitive. My baby son was three months old when breastfeeding wasn't at all.

Now I like to breastfeed

In the meantime, I kept on letting myself be able to stop at any time, which, of course, did not happen, but was not oppressed. Even helped me to always set a smaller time frame, like two weeks, then two more weeks, and so on. Then I just realized that I had generally not tired. My baby was now breastfeeding exclusively with breast milk for seven months.
I already know what my mother talked about when she mentioned that particular look of her baby: as she looks into my eyes, she releases her baby for a moment and smiles sadly. Now I like to breastfeed.
Bukta Orsolya, Budapest
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