So kill with honey!

So kill with honey!

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Honey still lives in the heads of the honeysuckle, or is an alternative form of sweetener. However, you can heal with honey and prevent illness!

I burned honey

Little did we know, but man had already known and consumed honey before. One proof of this is a rock drawing of more than thirteen thousand years old in Spain, depicting a man who has been collecting honeycombs. But they also mention it in the union, detailing the bees' storage and the process of collecting honey.

From freezing to healing

In the territory of Hungary, the ethnic groups living in Hungary were engaged in the art even before the conquest. The marching Hungarians learned and continued this craft. It was the only sweetener made from honey and then made into honeysuckle, marshmallow, marshmallow, and even before the start of the industrial sugar mill. As we became more aware of the properties of honey, we were able to use it for more and more purposes. Initially, all that was thought of as delicacy was to become an important diet and eventually a medicinal product. But after all, we have everything in the water and what we can use for home remediation sorбn?

What's in it?

Honey is due to its high carbohydrate content the most efficient natural source of energywhich, in addition, is absorbed very quickly, directly from the intestine, thus caring for the liver and the pancreas. The honey has a carbohydrate content of 80-85 percent, which is made up of the fruit and glucose contained in it. Ezenkнvьl Contains also white, various organic substances, vitamins, minerals and natural antibiotics.You know that the darker the color of the honey, the more substance it contains, moreover, of the 24 substances required for the human body, 22 are present in the water. There are many vitamins in the water (B1, B2, B5, B6, C, M, P), but the amounts do not close to the vitamin content of fresh fruits. However, it did not help to know that only well-treated honey can heal, derived from a controlled source, is of natural origin, unheated, and not manipulated. Therefore, get the water from the place you trust.

Burn with honey!

There are plenty of useful articles on the internet about the power and power of honey. However, it is important to note that, depending on the growth of the honey, its health effects also change. You can use the most common types of honey against the following diseases: - Acute: for digestive complaints, against severe cough;
- Cerebral palsy: for insomnia, anti-catarrhal, anti-freeze;
- menthol: anti-bloating and gallbladder, has analgesic effect, improves digestion;
- chestnut water: for loss of fluidity, recurrence, reduction in blood and bath water against genital inflammation;
- Eucalyptus Muscle: Fighting against complaints;
- pine tree: against inflammation of the lungs, has a diuretic effect;
- Golden Gum (Solid Water): Freeze-throat, aids digestion;
- Bottled water (buckwheat dynam): Reduces the growth pain in children, aids skin development, and is also recommended for heart problems;
- rapeseed: anemia, gastric acid palsy;
- Whitewash (honeydew): good for the immune system, ability, digestion, recommended - for anemia;
- lavender honey: for wound healing, insomnia, kidney complaints, anti-anxiety;
- wild onion honey: cleaned, decontaminated;
- wood honey (liver cancer): heart and cardiovascular diseases;
- Silkworm (wild tobacco): anti-inflammatory;
- Propolis Honey: Bloodless, lowers cholesterol, good for overheating, improves physical fitness Use mixed blossom for hot cooking!

Is honey kid friendly?

Honey is an important diet and one of the best our natural immune boostbut it mainly has a fun effect on adult nutrition. Babies can have problems with their underdeveloped digestive and immune systems. It can also cause loss of vision or constipation, as well as pulmonary inflammation, which can be associated with spores. That's why she's the most pediatrician not recommended by a child younger than one year old consumption of honey. Make sure you consult the nurses before you start to water your baby's food and drinks.
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