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What to do if your baby does not eat hot?

In the great heat, the baby is less hungry than we are grown up. No reason to worry, but it is important that you handle the situation well!

Infertility in babies in summer is completely normal. Of course, at this point, we start to worry that if the baby does not eat, he may have ailments. No problem if you don't eat your little one every time.If you are breastfeeding, breastfeed more often! If you are not breastfeeding, with fruitcakes and milk. THE get all the necessary protein, vitamins and minerals from your diet fluids the body of the baby. The steaks are better served in duluth, evenings when it is colder, and may prefer to accept "heavier" meals.

Don't force him if you don't want food

- If we go to the beach, go out for a walk or just go for a walk, we often recommend a little drink!
- If you are big enough for this, be sure to have a cup or bottle inside the cart to let you know if you're thirsty!
- Let us have prepared, washed, sliced ​​fruit.
- Stay with the baby in a breezy place.
- Shave your head with a hat, a kenda!
- Don't sunbathe, even if you don't have a screen at the playground, you should definitely give it a shot!
- Protect your skin with high carrying factor and sunscreen!

Homeopathy help

Loss of life is common in children, not only in the case of fever, but also in infectious diseases, dentition, indigestion (such as acute stomach upset) or if you have eaten too much in the past. It can take up to several days after an infectious disease or severe fatigue. For this case, the following is suggested by the Homeopathy Treasury: Cleaned-up Chinese (Sulfur), a chemical of june and jude (Sulfur iodatum), konyhasу (Natrium muraticum), silica (Silicea). And of course patience!These will also be useful:
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