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Early Childhood Education: How Does the Productivity Test Help?

Early Childhood Education: How Does the Productivity Test Help?

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The fertility of women over the age of 35-37 gradually decreases. To find out how ticking the biological urge is, it may be worthwhile to take a fertility test.

Early Childhood Education: How Does the Productivity Test Help?With the passage of time, women decline in reproductive capacity after 35-37 years, and then decline further after 45 years. The number of fertilized ova is rapidly diminishing after 40 years and the status of the ovaries is severely deteriorating. Today, medicine is able to help couples who have not yet given birth, but cannot slow down the biological process in the female body. Unfortunately, the yeast also does not ovulate. According to our current concepts, healthy life is not capable of becoming part of this process - Dr. Zoltán Szakacs, a specialist in the field of medicine, calls attention.

The fertility test is to see where we stand

While advancing medicine is not able to prevent the number of ova from diminishing and telling a healthy woman between 20 and 30 years of age, however, time to wait.The test consists of a blood test, a small body test and a special ultrasound diagnosis. Blood glucose tests and hormone tests are performed in addition to the usual labs during blood tests. Ultrasound can be used to assess ovarian and cervical blood flow and the egg cell maturation process. A high-performance, spatial image machine can give you an accurate picture of how much ovaries there is and how well the egg is in the body.

You can help me make the decision

The social changes that have taken place in recent decades - economic changes and the shifting of choice - are not good for reproductive health. The situation is particularly unfavorable for a group of pre-term women who would be influenced by the arrival of the child at birth. Not an easy situation! However, if we know what our biological lord has in store for us, we may be more likely to decide where to go for a cross, and where to go.Related articles on Productivity:
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