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Five strange weights during pregnancy

Five strange weights during pregnancy

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The majority of women feel a certain amount of weight after a meal, a drink, and there are specific things about the weight of a pregnancy. What can a pregnant woman say?

Many people want cucumbers during pregnancyDairy products, flesh, ice, color - surely some of the women may still be trying to get pregnant. Most expectant mothers feel intense weight, and 60 percent of women may feel a drastic change in their sensation during this time. It is also possible that our body rejects what we have been a favorite so far. One of the most well-known reasons is that our body craves for certain vitamins and minerals, so we want certain foods during our pregnancy.


This is one of the most typical weights that depends on sodium deficiency. A dietitian at the Portland Kourrbaz, Ghazala Yousuf He said that whoever wants acids, his body is really sodium-deficient. At the same time, be aware that excessively high foods such as acidity or french fries can increase blood pressure, so just use them differently. If possible, we prefer to cook roasted kernels, which have a low calorie content and can also eliminate your need for salt.


Either ice cream or cheese - the desire for any dairy product means we need calcium. Calcium is essential for your baby's growth, so it's important to always take in the amount you need.


If you want to crunch ice under your teeth while pregnant, you are probably anemic. Your baby's body needs to produce more red blood cells than usual to grow the fetus, but this process is much slower in women with anemia. And this can cause anemia, so iron is needed. In any case, iron is present in fish, chickens, ducks or eggs and should be consumed safely.

Oh huh

There is a fact that a vegetarian woman may wish for red flesh during pregnancy. This is probably due to the fact that the organization needs more whites. However, nutritionists advise that pregnant mothers should eat red meat twice a week and eat more poultry or fish for the rest of the week.

When it comes to non-food items, we weigh

Eating disorder causing strange dangers Picбnak and it is like asking for things that were not invented to be one. Examples include color, brick, or ash. Although most small children tend to be like this, a handful of pregnant women also tend to do so. the majority of suffering women want color. It is known that this is also due to iron deficiency (VIA).Related articles about pregnancy during pregnancy:
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