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Signs that your baby is about to come

Signs that your baby is about to come

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The dolls are mostly shown in Figures 8-10. it is common for you to start practicing healing around the next day, most often you will learn this process by the 9th month. What are some signs that your baby will be about to die, and what phases will precede this process?

It begins with cooking

The first step in learning how to cook is for the baby to learn to cook: first in the back, then in the stomach. In this case, the baby does not rise from the ground, so it moves forward and back. Then the next phase is commando or army hunting, when the baby is lying on his stomach with his arms folded forward. Then the spine and the tarsus are always on the floor, And only the baby's upper body rises slightly from the ground.

The commando

After the commando, the baby grows more alert and in the first place just wakes himself up - about 7 months old - then try to move forward in this position, And then it slowly comes to currency hunting.

How can we help with health?

If you want to help your baby learn how to cook, we can give you two good tips. One is to put a long folded blanket on the floor, under the baby, drop it under your arm and then lift it up a little with the help. The baby will thus be able to rise more easily and gain the position of the womb.The other thing you can do is to encourage the baby to sleep by putting something interesting on the floor to go after. This can be an exciting game, but you can even face-to-face with the baby, rising to a better level, And you can encourage them to leave.

You have to miss out

You should not be frightened, even if you miss a meal, it happens in a few children. They usually get up and running in March, so they'll start coming soon.(VIA)Related links:


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