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The dreaded rota: Children can be prevented from getting infected

The dreaded rota: Children can be prevented from getting infected

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Rotavirus not only infects children, it also kills adults. However, the little ones are much more dangerous, but fortunately, there is a way to protect them. There are counties where there have been as many patients this year as in 2015 all year.

Rotavers are raging in our country: there are plenty of Rotary children this year. More on rotafection to parent status report >> Rotarian produces scary statistics every year. In the first month of 2016, there were 2,345 reported cases, more than 100 new cases a week. Patients have more than 60 percent babies, small children. Since rotбs kicsiknйl kцnnyen бtfordul the betegsйg kiszбradбsba, нgy no wonder that the бpolt kуrhбzban rotafertхzйses cases (йvente 2000) kцrьlbelьl 60 szбzalйka the korosztбlybуl under 2 йv kerьl ki.A mбrcius held utolsу napjбn sajtуesemйnyen professionals йs kцzszereplхk tried felhнvni attention to rotavнrus potential dangers, and the potential for children to be safe.

Symptoms of rotavirus infection

The basic symptom is diarrhea, but vomiting is also common. If a small child is caught in a rotation, the biggest danger is the scourge. This can happen in just a couple of hours - warned all parents by Dr. Kirbly Balazs, a 20-year-old practicing pediatrician and senior mobile app manager at Parent Assistant.

Rotavirus infection bears very much on the baby's body

Several strains of rotavirus are also responsible for the "rot" of gastric and catarrhal disease. Unfortunately, you can catch it many times, we don't get defensive. We are talking about a seriously infectious disease - it spreads very quickly in the community and in the household. Adults can be caught, even in the case of uncomfortable days, but are most dangerous at 3-36 months. According to statistics, by the age of 3 to 5 years, almost all children become infected. (Although this does not mean that the child will not be repeatedly reprimanded.) Rika Farkashzzi also took part in the cheese event, who also reported a personal experience: one of her children was suffering from a feverish, diarrheal infection. It was a terrible thing to see a child in the hospital sick.

Symptoms of outbreaks

The specialist also talked about signs of a rash. He said that the baby's general condition should be constantly monitored. Deterioration, fallen eyes, dry tongue, increased tiredness indicate trouble. For the youngest, it is best to see a doctor sooner than an adult, because they are a problem much sooner. There is no cure for infection, fluid refilling is the most important thing to do. In the first few days, any condition with diarrhea should be treated, it does not really matter what causes the problem. There is no drug treatment on the rat, only it can be prevented.

Prevention: Let's live with the opportunity

Prior to the vaccination, there were 3.6 million rotavirus infections in the European Union each year, and 87 thousand were hospitalized each year. The virus is extremely contagious and resilient: it remains alive for up to several days on the game and a couple of hours on our hands. It is no wonder that the family regularly runs the rota, but it is inexorably raging in the wilderness and in the ovis. (But, among others, Norway and the United States have introduced it.) Where introduced, vaccination has reduced the number of disease and hospital treatment available.Rota. The first dose of several components should be given before 12 weeks of age, so unfortunately it is not possible to obtain protection against the most common rotavirus stocks in adults. At least 4 weeks should elapse between doses of the vaccine and the vaccination series should be completed by the age of 32. King Balzs has also reported that the desire to vaccinate is increasing. The vaccine gives you a lifetime defense against the (most common) virus strains it contains.You'll find all the rotavers articles here…The most interesting articles in this topic:
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