Autism appeared on Sezam Street

Autism appeared on Sezam Street

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Sesame Street has had half a century help children understand their environment.

Half a century on Sesame Street has helped children understand their environment

This time, a new figure, the little Julia, appears on the screen to introduce autism to the little ones. These days, HBO and PBS have both debuted with a new character. " that how many common things children have, even if they are not all the same. Of course, we take the differences into account, but we think it's more important to highlight the midpoints, "he says. Jeanette Betancourt, Vice President of Sesame Workshop, based on Sesame Street. The goal is for little Julia to help kids see what challenges autistic children face and how to help them get the most out of it. but the verbal skills of the verb are limited, often with his hands. The character Julia was developed in 2015 by the authors of the series, and they also want to deal with more mild issues in the future.
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