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Koplalу baby - where does it lead?

Koplalу baby - where does it lead?

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In light of the lightning fast recovery in the world, more and more people are trying to prevent weight gain during pregnancy. There's also a name for this phenomenon: Body-controlled little kids face pregorexia.

Koplalу baby - where does it lead?

What's wrong with Victoria Beckham, Nicole Richie, Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie, Heidi Klum, Natalia Vodianová and Jessica Albab? The super cute pregnancy and the childbirth topform! Even before the birth of her first child, she spent her time with the most perfect body woman in the world, so she tried to keep herself fit, as the title suggests. Similarly, many of the lightbulbs in the spotlight are scared of oblivion, thinking that you can't afford the plus wedges. But what motivates those little mothers, they stay away from the fringe?

Target: Minimum excess weight

THE after childbirth A few weeks later, full-body models that run down the slope put a heavy burden on pregnant women, although this bravery - as we can see - is not always feasible or expected. Persons who chase end pictures also tend to forget that cute hairy moles get a lot of help with their quick recovery, and admit they were too thin before pregnancy.
THE pregorexia concept of english pregnant (Vбrandуs) And anorexia (course of leniency) is made up of words. His victims are terrified of home, so during pregnancy they try to lower the ceiling of the room with a smaller excess. In addition to a strictly scheduled meal, most of them also train consistently in the last few months of being pregnant. Even though most pregnant women are traumatized, when a long-time acquaintance has barely seen her pregnant, she is excited about pregorexia.
But all that much more than a mere lack of desire, spiritual causes carry me into the trap of ever-sustainable leanness: maximalism, the fear of change, lack of acceptance, fear of the environment's response can all preclude a protest against the gill.
Supporting the family and the immediate environment and reinforcements from the immediate family can help a pregorexic mother return to a full-blown diet for the baby. (Of course, not all handsome mothers can pregorexia, lucky body features or fast metabolism can help fast weight loss.)

Baby doesn't need a skinny mom!

Dr. Nyéky Boldizsbro you are blessed to say that the blessed state is a good time to break bad habits and to start a balanced lifestyle, but to have the least chance to regain your competitive edge.
"Pregorexics tend to forget that in this state, they do not need to be fulfilled as beforeas well as arrogate that they carry a new life under their hearts, not least for a skinny mom. Pay attention to the switch the fetus is needed for proper development for protein, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins.
Lack of dietary intake for fetal development and maternal well-being, for ailments, weakness, blood pressure problems, mental disorders, childhood depression, fetus may lead to underdevelopment.
If this self-aggravating lifestyle continues during the baby and breastfeeding period, it will determine the child's further development. Therefore, a serious diet and weight loss may only be necessary in cases of significant obesity, reduced sugar tolerance, and gestational diabetes. "
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