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Desert or downtown glass?

Desert or downtown glass?

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Dry air attacks the mucous membrane, while mold is a problem in the wet heat. And the kids have to pay special attention!

Desert or downtown glass?

Even though the symptoms are over, you can accurately measure the humidity in the room air with the help of hygrostats. Under the average outdoor temperature below 10 degrees, the relative humidity of the air in traditional heated (wood) lined areas is 20-30% - very dry, we also feel like, As well as our eyes, the symptoms of asthma and dermatitis get worse.
A relative humidity of 40 to 60 percent is considered to be optimal. Under warm, humid conditions (above 60 percent humidity), fungi and mites will reproduce better, causing severe respiratory symptoms. If the lining of the plastic lining does not have the ventilation elements - and unfortunately this is not the case - the air in the house "stops": not only will it become too humid, but the used, contaminated air will not be replaced, and contaminated.

Refresh or antifreeze?

Both of them need the right equipment, because low performance, low priced products will not solve any of the problems. When out the window water drips regularlyBefore starting the picking process, it is worthwhile to purge the air with compressors with high performance warranties and service. It is important to ventilate frequently and avoid excess water (incorrect cooking without cover, prolonged showering).
When in a room with too dry air We use vaporizers, then we want to breathe in the coolness of the head from the sea, the frost, or the high mountains, pollen-free, and even like the "scrubbed" air of waterfalls. No wonder, because medical examinations have proven to have a beneficial effect in the cure and prevention of upper respiratory diseases. However, it is essential not to smoke in the apartment!

Crying in the apartment

The cold couple because of asthma, croup seizure are recommended for children with predisposed pathways, or for frequent infections. Cold pairs are obtained by breaking the water into small drops or by natural evaporation. In ultrasonic devices, a high-frequency oscillator atomizes the water and filters it into the air.
Lйgmosуval dust or pollen-free indoor air biztosнthatunk. Special air purifiers filter the room air through a filter system that removes impurities (dust, pollen, smoke, smog, bacteria), up to 97-99 percent.
For drug inhalation, or in addition to medical inhalation, we recommend using a nebulizer. The dense and nutrient content of the sparkling water promotes stomach solubility and volatilization. With the help of a suitable pairing, you can also create a mat in the bathroom.
Gay matches are ideal for matching large hotplates. The vapor emitted is generated by boiling the water, so it is sure to be bacterial-free and also raises local temperature slightly. These formulations generally contain essential oils, are simple to handle and have a long life.

Use the steam correctly!

  • Keep your equipment clean! THE they are not used for a few days fungi, bacteria can proliferate in aquatic deposits. If you start pairing this time, you will filter them out in the air. Change the water daily, dissolve the water regularly with vinegar or citric acid, and dry completely when not in use.
  • Be careful with essential oils: they are effective, but some can cause allergic reactions, especially minor ones. Do not use essential oils in preparations that are not indicated as suitable.
  • Perform medical inhalation only on medical advice! Take the time and catch your eye with a film or picture book.

  • What are you paying attention to?

  • Check out the finishers power and noise level! A power output of 30-40 W does not significantly increase electric power, and a noise level of 24-26 dBA is considered to be low.
  • The amount of fats that you make depends on how fast you get out (the low content may be in the middle of the night).
  • Built-in hygroscope and adjustable blade level and automatic shut-off are practical.
  • Most importantly, choose the capacity of the cookers according to the size of the room.

  • Clean, humid air!
  • Why is housing remodeling important?
  • What is the ideal temperature in the apartment?
  • Healthy room air

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