Baby cinema is not the same as genetic testing

Baby cinema is not the same as genetic testing

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Due to advances in technology, the fetus can be seen in many dimensions. However, do not mix baby cosmos with baby genetics!

Baby cinema is not a genetic testManapsбg you have already szбmtalan baby movies szolgбltatбs proclaims magбt, йs szebbnйl csбbнtja nicer kьlцnleges kйppel the szьlхket to engage rйszt one egyedьlбllу legkьlцnlegesebb moziйlmйnyйben.A baby pictures valуban йlmйny йletьk, as segнtsйgйvel the szьlхk bepillantбst win baby mйhen belьli йletйbe, lбthatjбk arcvonбsait, movements , gestures.

But what do we mean by "baby cinema"?

as Byty-Jugovits Muncnik, I learned from a diagnostic analyst of the God of Mountain God Diagnostics, this is a three-dimensional ultrasound scan that immediately follows the fetus in motion.

3-4 or 5D? Which one do I choose?

Nowadays, besides the 3 and 4D baby cinema, you can get up to 5D service. However, Ms. Böjtös-Jugovits said in this connection that parents are often not aware of what this means. In addition to the classic yellow, traditional 3D images, parents can also see pink images. Later on, it is said that they are 5D images, though - as Munika has said many times - they are not. What are you doing? Because 5D can't be pinched. These images were made from the yellow image using a certain technique. However, many people do not know this, and they insist on the 5D image. However, according to the expert, the real picture comes from the classic 3 and 4-dimensional rendering and the so-called photorealistic rendering technique, which gives a richer, more contrasting picture. However, it is important to know that all of this is based on 2D. If you don't look good in your child's 2D, then unfortunately, you won't see it properly in any other dimension.

It's just a movie!

With the help of a baby cosmic sonographer and a crafted diagnostic analyst, I learned from Munnik. Of course, a doctor can do this, but it's not typical due to time constraints. However, it's important to know that baby cinema non-diagnostic examination! "So nobody should go to a baby cinema to see if your baby is healthy, because baby cinema is not something for this," the expert warns. The purpose of normal genetic screening megelхzzйk. This, that is, genetic ultrasound within the framework of pregnancy care, is described in Figures 11-13. and 18-20. babamozin may measure the parameters of the fetus, but this is not included in the study. The baby cinema is just one special conditionin which parents may move closer to the home before the baby is born, but not to look for developmental abnormalities with help. In such a case, the appropriate expert will be directed to further examinations of the infant.Related articles in Baby Cinema:
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