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Cow's milk has become such a natural part of our daily diet that we completely forget what it was originally intended to be: a small, growing mammal on the back of a bocci. For our little ones, breast milk is obviously the best diet.

baby Milk

In recent years, even one-year-old toddlers have been thinking about diet pills, and triple-labeled baby milk has appeared on the packaging. We wondered if it is appropriate to give the baby a special gift instead of cow's milk. In the case of breastfeeding babies, there is no reason to switch from breast milk to baby milk or cows' milk, since breast milk continues to provide adequate supplementation and immunological protection for the baby, who of course also receives one.
The protein content of breast milk produced during weaning increases with that of mature milk, and may again reach the colostrum-specific 2.3 percent deciliter. This growth is mainly due to the proliferation of defense cells and cellular elements, thus providing increased protection for the small child who takes care of nature.
If you want to finish breastfeeding before you start breastfeeding it yourself, or for some lucky reason you are breastfeeding, you should not give it any cow milk. In cow's milk, which is also a source of formula, szбmos allergizбlу fehйrje occurs. Kцzьlьk of the legjelentхsebb bйta-lactoglobulin.
Research has estimated that forty milliliters of formula contain as much beta-lactoglobulin as a child would receive over twenty-one years if she consumed one liter of breast milk daily. In addition, there is a rather unfavorable statistic that a significant number of infants are given cow's milk after six months, although we can opt for a much more modern diet in the absence of breast milk.

Йretlen the tehйntejhez

THE kцvetх tбpszereket it can be given up to three years of age, but can be converted to "2+" or "3" diets at seven to eight months. It is not by chance that they are called baby milk because of their noodles and compositions, as they represent a further transition from store cow milk to those of the two.
According to the latest national and international resolutions, the introduction of cow's milk into the infant's diet ajбnlatos when not under egyйves, since iron, linoleic acid, vitamin C, D and E are excessively low while sodium is high. The protein content of cow's milk is also higher than that of breast milk during this period.
The tiny kidney's selected function and the resilience of its internal systems still do not outweigh the adult. The tehйntej tehбt It does not meet the tцkйletesen dietary requirements for infants and toddlers. There is too much, otherwise too little in cow's milk!
As you get older, cow's milk is not only acceptable because your kidneys are more mature, but because the amount you drink per day goes down. Excessive consumption of cow's milk in healthy infants and toddlers can lead to the development of mild iron deficiency anemia. Because cow's milk is low in iron and poorly absorbed. The amount of yeast, zinc, selenium in cow's milk varies and neither the amount of these nor the amount of vitamins in cow's milk reaches the desired values.

Mуdosнtott цsszetйtel

Nutrition markings "2+" or "3" are prepared to meet the growing needs of the age group. They contain more white than some single and double formulas, but less and better digestible than cow's milk. It is important to note that casein is dominant, ie more lactated. Their fat content is easy to digest and is usually made up of vegetable oils.
More important in quantity is the fact that they contain unsaturated essential fatty acids (linoleic acid, linolenic acid). Mainly lactose (lactose) is found in baby milk. This is a good thing, as it promotes the development of normal state of flux and the absorption of calcium and magnesium. On the other hand, too many lactose can be osmotically active (or cause diarrhea).
This is eliminated by manufacturers mixing maltodextrin into diet powders. Some baby milk (Beba2 +, Nutrilon3) contains cornstarch, which is also lactated and prevents the return of diets. Some baby milk may contain sucrose, also known as glucose. Choose a meal that has only a small amount, because drinking sugar-containing drinks from baby bottles nцveli the fogszuvasodбs kockбzatбt.
To prevent this, you should gradually introduce a glass of water and brushing before going to bed one or two years later. Never give your baby more than half a liter of diet a day.

Vitamins ions йs

Baby milk is dripped with calcium, iron, zinc, copper, and yoga as needed. In most of Hungary the jew content of drinking water is too low, so this is also an important consideration. Iron helps prevent iron deficiency anemia, but it should also be taken into account that excessively high iron content in the diet suppresses the absorption of copper and zinc and may increase the risk of certain infections.
Nutrition supplements for big-cat babies also contain vitamins, though vitamin C is not too much, so if the child does not have access to other sources (vegetables, fruits, potatoes), then it is a good idea to bake them. This is йrvйnyes vitamin D. The recommended daily intake of vitamin D is 400-1000 IU daily, that is, internationally.
Let's study exactly how much of the formula you choose and only try to eliminate the missing amount because it is dangerous to overdose! However, in a normal, mixed diet, there is no need for additional vitamins. Vitamin K does not need to be taken separately, it is included in the diet, and it is produced in sufficient quantities by the child's own flora.
Question:Is baby milk just for drinking or can I also use it for other dishes made for my baby, such as steaming, muesli, smoothie drinks, food?
Maternity: The formulas should be prepared with boiled and cooled water, not warmer than 60 degrees Celsius. This is because the vitamins that are sensitive to heat need to remain. The high fehйrjйk hхmйrsйklet not be caused fйlni kбrosodбsбtуl tбpszer esetйn since speciбlis neither immunoglobulins nor lactoferrin (szьksйges iron felszнvуdбsбhoz humбn fehйrjйt) nor zsнremйsztйst megkцnnyнtх contains glycoprotein (enzyme) - they hхйrzйkenyek, йs kizбrуlag elх occur in breast milk.
Incidentally, among others, the latter white merits a better digestion of breast milk-eating babies. Baby milk cow can be used for making any food. Do not cook it, because its vitamin content is reduced.
Dr. Veres Gбbor gyermekgyуgyбsz
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