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What can help if a clean kid splashes at night?

What can help if a clean kid splashes at night?

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The habits of a party are a huge word for a small child, and he can carry his parents with tremendous pride. However, the fact that the seedling can control the bladder by day does not mean that accidents do not occur at night.

What can help if a clean kid splashes at night? (Forrбs: iStock)What can help you pee in the night?

Be constantly pissed

During the day, it's a good idea to ask your child if you would like to have a pee. This is important because few children are able to ignore the signs of their body and continue playing despite having to pee. The more successful the day is bilihasznбlattal a child at night can control the process even more.

Limit your post-dinner fluid intake

After dinner, children should only use a minimal amount of fluid to reduce the risk of night-time accidents. If the child is thirsty in the evening urns, give him a smaller glass of water and pee it before going to bed.

Diapers and mattresses

If night-time accidents are very common, give the baby a nappy for a while, and gradually get used to it. Another way to protect your mattress is to put a wet blanket on it.

Let's reward the kid

Getting used to a night party is not a quick or easy process, and in order to keep your kid motivated, if you don't pee at night, you can also give him a smaller reward if you haven't had an accident the next day.

Be a part of the evening routine

It can help a lot to prevent nighttime splashing if you have a part of the evening routine as well. If, after brushing, before the evening's tale, it is common for the party to be small, the chances of an accident at night will be much lower.

When does the problem happen?

If the child pees on the occasion, try to stay calm and help them not to get upset. Let's reassure him and tell him that accidents can happen to anyone and things will improve over time.(VIA)Related links:


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