Inflammation: a common problem in a baby

Inflammation: a common problem in a baby

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The development of pregnancy inflammation is caused by altered hormone levels, which increases plaque (plaque) formation. Females are less likely to wash blood, which only exacerbates the condition.

Frequent inflammation is common

The fetus begins to develop in the uterus just before the first tooths actually appear. That is why during pregnancy, tooth care is not only "awesome", that is, not only does the expectant mother care for her teeth! Drink lots of milk, color your diet with breast or cheese, and eat lots of fruits, herbs. For brushing, use a small, soft, clean, straight, toothbrush that does not damage the teeth. Alternate toothpastes, fluoride with herbal remedies, and vice versa.
The development of pregnancy inflammation is caused by altered hormone levels, the plaque (plaque) will develop. Fewer beans are washed, and this only exacerbates the condition. It does the job of massaging the weight thoroughly with small, vibrating movements - this is the purpose of the rubber toothbrush. It is recommended to replace the toothbrush every three months, immediately after an infectious disease. For sensitive teeth, you can also get specially brushed, extra soft, so-called sensitive toothbrushes. Once a week, you should brush your teeth with a herbal gel that provides extra fluoride protection. Leave this on the teeth for two уrбn bt. In more severe cases, it is recommended to use anti-inflammatory drugs and mouthwashes, alternating between two and three weeks. It is of course worth asking your dentist about the use of these!
Pregnant women should not neglect dental check-ups, they should appear at their dentist every three months. It is important to remove the tooth, the petrified plaque, because it is growing downwards and downwards. This is the first stage of hippopotamus.
Bloody light is also a sign of the need to consume more vitamins (bioflavonoids, vitamin C, beta-carotene) and poor brushing techniques. Be even more careful, the movements should be malevolent, too distant. The back-to-back "glide" is only used to clean the surface of the carpet.The teeth can be cleaned three times between the surface of the teeth, and the remainder are two-tooth-tooth-tooth-brush and tooth-toothbrush. Welcome every day! It has a round brush head, an electric toothbrush that performs rapid rotation and also cleans the toothpicks very effectively.
It can also affect tooth decay caused by bacteria. Bacteria live on tooth surfaces, in plaques, their main diet is sugar and starch, which is acidic and dissolves tooth decay. Snacking is especially dangerous as it causes a permanent acid attack on the teeth.
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