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Why is body contact important?

Why is body contact important?

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In the natural world or in non-industrialized societies, it is natural for newborns to be put on the body of their mother immediately after birth. The best places to find. The practice of giving birth in the past decades is completely different.

Why is body contact important?

According to UNICEF (the Egйszsйgьgyi Vilбgszervezet Children's Fund) statisztikбi the fejlхdх orszбgokban the elsх уrбban.Az elsх kйt уra mйrйsei megбllapнtottбk alapjбn ъjszьlцtteknek to less than half, exactly 44 szбzalйka kerьl йdesanyja testйre, mellйre that early bхrkontaktusban rйszesьlх babбknak lower szнvritmusuk йs their breathing rhythm as their distinguished companions. Body kits are also higher. And these are the features of a relaxed, restful state, cow skin contact helps with stress in post-stress tension.
Examinations prove that babies who have early body contact they cry less, even three months after birth.
After birth, she is both alert and sensitive, as is her mother. The baby's facial features, voice, scent, smell and body contact act as a key stimulus for the mother: it activates her mother's instincts and enhances milk selection. Of course, this bonding can develop between separated babies and moms, but it requires more work.
In addition, your mother's skin-to-skin contact and wrapped newborn are best protected against wasting when you can also start breastfeeding. She still has milk with her mother, the first colostrum to be vaccinated. Every drop of it is a treasure because it protects the newborn from infections, outbreaks and dramatic drop in blood sugar.
All research in the field of breastfeeding has clearly shown early common good effects. Skin contact, the smell of the body, makes breastfeeding reflex easier, and even more research suggests that babies in early skin contact continue to breastfeed than those weaned from their mothers.
If you do not divorce your newborn mother, then it is easier to adapt, calmer and suck better.
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