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There are more dangers than apple types

There are more dangers than apple types

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Overweight as a problem is rarely alone. If you are not moving and living a stressful lifestyle, you can also have comorbidities at high cost. And if this price swing starts, it's pretty difficult to get it out.

There are more dangers than apple typesMetabolic Syndrome And Exit Possibilities dr. Vasco Peter, a specialist in the Buda Cardiac Center.

The dangerous "apple"

According to those skilled in the art, obesity, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and diabetes (or elevated blood sugar levels) occur so often that even a "small amount of toothache" can cause the phenomenon. The syndrome is called a metabolic syndrome that most of the time he also has foreign marks.The members of the endangered type mainly build stock, abdomen, so they apple-type elephants we can talk about what laymen might call crap. However, the value of excess weight does not always coincide with the severity of metabolic abnormalities. In many cases, even a slight change in metabolism is accompanied by a marked change in metabolism. Abdominal predominance, with and without associated high blood pressure, blood disorders and increased blood sugar - such as cardiovascular risk factors - are the most severe cardiac events. At the same time, these components can often be hidden behind the appearance of the sensory or potency disorder.

Bloody circles

High blood pressure is aggravated by the fact that due to the growth of the adipose tissue, the heart can only pump blood through the body to overcome the growing resistance, and can also accelerate the activation of the nervous system through activation. In addition, in the apple type, due to the altered metabolism of the abdominal fat, insulin resistance develops. And when cells lose their insulin, the body loses its insulin deficiency, and counteracting it with high blood sugar levels results in the production of more insulin. present. One of the side effects of high insulin levels, which is to increase sodium retention in the kidneys, also increases the amount of fluid in the blood, Hepatitisation due to "harmful" elevation of LDL cholesterol reduces the resilience of the immune system, resulting in further worsening of hypertension. All of these, along with other biochemical interactions, can lead to arthritis, heart attack, cerebral atrophy. Metabolic syndrome is also a major hazard because each of its elements does not simply increase, but rather multiplies the risk of a cardiovascular disaster. So, all the members of the syndrome have come forward, the 14-15 times more likely can count on increasingly serious events.

Above 40, managerial cardiology can help

In any case, everyone is advised to take one at any time, or over 40 years in a complex cardiology examination series to prevent heart attacks, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases. This is especially recommended for those people who are managers who have stressful elements of their metabolic syndrome. Indeed, stress has been shown to contribute to the development of heart disease. That's why the managerial cardiac screening also includes so-called cardiac stress tests on heart rate, on ECG, in the lab, on arteriography - emphasizes dr. Péter Vaskу, a specialist in the Buda Cardiovascular Center.

We are responsible for ourselves

The threatening consequences are indeed alarming, but it is good news that the metabolic syndrome can influence every element through diet, exercise, or if necessary, transient or prolonged treatment. After 3 casts, significant blood pressure loss, improvement in sugar and fat metabolism can be observed, as well as regular physical activity for at least 3 months. orvoslбs framework of йletmуd belьl elйrhetх complex йletmуd terбpia the gyуgyszerszьksйgletet csцkkentheti gradually, beginning sхt idejйben the patient is gyуgyszermentessй vбlhat mellette.Nemcsak the szнvinfarktus йs cerebral katasztrуfa kockбzatбt csцkkenthetjьk йletmуd terбpiбval, but also betegsйgйt szбmtalan cancer. Losing weight and exercising regularly interrupts the health condition of the disease, not to mention the impact it has on our condition and appearance. The first step is to recognize responsibility and the second to seek expert help.Related articles in the topic:
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