Vojvod: What you need to know

Vojvod: What you need to know

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One of the most important manifestations of butter is the altered state of consciousness. Anything that leads to this state will make it easier for you to have a baby.


Just a few centimeters of what the fetus needs to do outward, as it seems, is the longest and most difficult journey of his life. Conventional volume and timing changes during the buttering. Few millennials pass in a single second, sometimes long lances for a single moment. For the old woman, it seems as if she's wearing some kind of invisible shell that even words are hard to penetrate.

The status of a single choice

Many feel that pain plays a key role in creating this extraordinary state. The well-known psychologist, Feldmбr Andrбs by there comes a moment when the pain is so severe that the process reverses, the body starts producing LSD 25. In that case, the young woman "overpowers her pain, putting her in a state of mind that doesn't matter that she's in pain, because as long as she's hurt, she's feeling alone. But from that, shifted from single to single-entry status"Luckily, the upside-down may reach a level where the parent does not sense the stimuli from the world that are not directly. and everything goes smoothly, and the peoples have a key role to play - the doctor, the midwife, the father. in the process of birth, that is, everything that is in control of the butter.Michel Odent according to a French obstetrician no one needs anything and nothing but a nice bucket where it's hot and hot. The task of the physician or nurse is to observe silently. The no-fly view is also available. In fact, changing your mind will often cause you to become strangely speaking and acting. You can shake the helping hand by yourself, make your partner kiss you, sing, yell, dance and sing in the middle of the room. Unusual deeds like this do not indicate that the butter is incompatible and hysterical. On the contrary: that you are on the right track, it is very important that everyone who is present at birth respect the life you give meand be present with the right footing in this extraordinary moment. What is more important, however, is that the butterfly must be able to accept this unusual situation. In our everyday life, it is not normal for us to sound loudly about our senses and our possible pain. Pain in our culture is something that needs to be stopped immediately. However, there is a place for this surveillance here. Because the pain is good. One of the great wonders of fatigue is that the more we support the more powerful we feel, the less we will feel intolerable and frivolous. Even so, it was produced in our body and made us feel sick when our baby conceived…

Interventions during the Butter

Women who come to the hospital today are faced with a very varied practice. Therefore, it is important to clarify in advance - in ourselves - what we expect, what we want. The World Health Organization, WHO, lists many of the interventions that are still practiced in most nursing institutions. The WHO does not, can be calculated, as in the case of births initiated. However, it is also true that not all parents feel uncomfortable or disturbed by these interventions, and many are explicitly reassured. Parenting can go a long way in a continuous NST examination. But it is worthwhile to be aware that monitoring also means that the mother is not free to change her posture. This often proves to be a hindrance, and the birth rate may slow down. According to the birth textbook, the length of labor is usually six to eight hours, which is often considered to be due to infection. Therefore, if the obstetrician thinks that the amount of the buttering is inadequate, he or she may assist with further intervention or the drug oxytocin. The bursting of the epiglottis may also be helpful. This encourages the bees to work harder, causing them to suffer from sudden, severe, severe headaches. The disadvantage of further increasing the risk of infection is that birth must be completed within a certain time. That is, it may result in further interventions. It is important to know that frequent internal examinations also increase the risk of infection. The WHO recommendation therefore states that "early enveloping as a routine procedure is not justified." Oxytocin infusion is one of the most commonly used interventions. It is often used to initiate childbirth, and is often used in cases of "bovine weakness", either for reasons of inadequacy or for the loss of females. This is a very effective tool for birth acceleration if you need to finish it soon due to the risk of infection or other risk factors. However, it also has serious drawbacks. We know from animal experiments oxytocin, when administered intravenously, stops internal hormone production, does not reach the brain, and therefore does not exclude maternal behaviors. It also has a detrimental effect on labor because it binds the pregnant woman and disrupts the delicate hormone balance that contributes to the altered state of consciousness and makes it difficult for the woman to work.


According to experience buttering is good when the parent feels secure, if you create an environment in which you can be born in your own right and in your body. This can also be pursued under hospital conditions. Numerous examples of the Hungarian birth authority prove that this is possible. Michel Odent also redesigned the birth room of a small French townhouse to remind him of home comfort. The essence of the unborn child is not to be on the spot, but to respect the needs of the woman, the process of birth.- We seek homelessness at home. We Never Routinely Shell Fracture - Explaining dr. Gerbie Bnes. - Because of this, because of the danger of infection, we would commit ourselves to having a baby. However, at any time the fatigue may stop or stop. If this happens, we will not intervene. We wait for the process to restart itself. If both the fetus and the mother are well, then in my opinion, you can do this for any length of time. The shell usually breaks off at the beginning of labor or at the beginning of the postpartum period. We also abstain from routine internal examinations because they also increase the risk of infection and also cause unnecessary discomfort to the fetus. Oxytocin infusion is not used unless it is absolutely necessary for fetal or maternal reasons. The butter is not influenced in the choice of body position, as it has been proved numerous times that there is always a reason to choose. The baby is exposed to less physical strain in his or her chosen posture. We believe the old woman what she says. Even if the process slows down or gets stuck, we still only make suggestions.Butter is helped by everything that brings you closer to the state in which you want to be a newborn: don't worry, don't be warm, don't be shy, don't be thirsty, don't be hungry, don't have to hang out, and have someone in your eyes.Related articles:
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