Vitaminturbу tips for kids

Vitaminturbу tips for kids

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Vitamin A nutrition is essential not only for healthy development but also for boosting the immune system. It is especially important to have a good lifestyle during the hectic, nauseating, cold period of the winter.

Vitaminturbу tips for kidsGood nutrition, lots of exercise, and even if you can't cure all the diseases of the winter, but your body's defense system will be better prepared. Good nutrition also means a wide variety of ingredients and variations. Different foods contain other vitamins: mainly cereals contain vitamin B, flesh B and D, milk, vitamin A, Vitamins D, D, E, and K, many fruits contain vitamins C and B, while vegetables contain vitamins C and B.

Vitamin D and C

Vitamin D and vitamin C are very important too. Vitamin D is known to be consumed during the fall-winter period. Its main sources are liver, eggs, milk and dairy products and fish oils. But it is also important to take vitamin D.Fresh greens and fruits We can reduce the amount of vitamin C in our body too, but there are some greens that are also rich in vitamin C. These include roasts, sultan chestnut, yellow and white rape, zigzag or black radish. Let us not forget about the sauerkraut, which is a real vitamin C bomb. In the case of anise, apples and pears, we can have frequent sources of vitamins, as well as rose hips.

Frozen food

Frozen foods preserve their vitamin content thanks to technology, so be sure to include them too, such as peas, corn, sour cherries, blueberries, cauliflower or green beans. Instead of long cooking, let's keep it in the stew so they retain more vitamins.

We have many drought!

Not to mention dried products, we can deal with this fruit maintenance method mainly from fruits. Unfortunately, they lose their vitamin C content during dehydration, but they are also rich in fiber, vitamin B. Great snacks too.


Germination of different types of seeds is becoming more and more common and can be added to steaks and soups. Treat germination of wheat, barley, seed, rye or pepper.

Fruit and smoothie

With no added sugar, you can make your own fruit juices and vitamins in the winter.

And of course a lot of time outdoors

With all that in mind, don't forget to spend a lot of time outdoors, going out and enjoying the winter sports.Related articles in Health Nutrition:
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