In the water, giving birth can be more than useful

In the water, giving birth can be more than useful

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But water is not a widespread method in our country, but in our country there are hospitals, birth centers where the conditions are given and doctors also recommend the alternative.

In the water, giving birth can be more than useful

Although water in water can have many positive effects, water birth is not recommended according to the latest guidelines. Under pressure, the hot water despite that can reduce the intensity of pain during collapses, relaxing, helping mothers relax and reduce the duration of contractions altogether. Dr. Joseph Wax, chairman of The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Significantly increases the mother and the likelihood of neonatal infectionMay cause the nehйzsйgeket ъjszьlцtt hхhбztartбsбnak szabбlyozбsбban frequent komplikбciуk on kцldцkzsinуrral kialakulбsa йs enyhйbb lйgzйsi zavaroktуl akбr also lead sъlyos asphyxiбhoz if the fetus megszьletйsйt kцvetхen the vнzbхl aspirбl.Azon kуrhбzaknak йs szьlйszeti kцzpontoknak where the vajъdбs vнzben lehetхsйge vбlaszthatу important elхнrбsokat have to comply mothers and children in need of health. These include rigorous selection of suitable parents for this purpose, frequent, careful cleaning of pools or pools, fertхtlenнtйse, continuous monitoring of pregnant women, and immediate interruption of the process when suspected complications arise.


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