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The zikavнrus kйsleltetheti the nervous system fejlхdйsйt

The zikavнrus kйsleltetheti the nervous system fejlхdйsйt

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Zikavrus can test for childhood nervous system development and lead to impaired vision and hearing, according to a study.

Specialists from the University of California, Los Angeles campus, and the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences followed 216 infants whose mothers were contacted in 2015-16.The zikavнrus kйsleltetheti the nervous system fejlхdйsйt A study published in Nature Medicine published on pediatric nervous system developmental questions, neurological tests, and pediatric visual and cognitive examinations. Lack of development of the nervous system was observed at 31.5% or reduced visual and auditory abilities.The negative effect of the zicavirus on the development of the nervous system has been demonstrated in animal studies. Professionals will conduct further examinations to determine if early mid-entry can improve the nervous system development of the fetus exposed to zicavrus. since then, cases have been registered in several countries. During the fetal age, the virus, which caused microcephaly, infested many in Latin America, including Brazil.
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