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6 ideas to help you get started

6 ideas to help you get started

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As the two stings have appeared on the test, you are curious as to who is going to crash in your tummy. You don't have to wait nine months for this, you have countless opportunities to connect with it.

1. The touch of touch

Baby skin nerve rashes begin to develop at the beginning of the eighth week. You will only feel for the first time about the seventeenth week that something inside. Like butterflies flying in your tummy! The little cone moves, you can't get your hands off your belly. From the twentieth week on, you will feel it when you touch it across the skin. However, the little one will notice and even note the different external stimuli. A release aromatherapy pregnancy massage would both be very good for you… Lavender, tangerine and rose oil can be used safely after the first trimester. Inject a little, like jojoba oil, and rub it in your stomach in a gentle motion, moving in the same direction as a turn-by-turn motion. You can also smooth your tummy with top-down gestures. If you liked it, check out where to go for a near-pregnant massage!

2. Floating

Unfortunately, none of us even remember what it was like to float a baby in the womb. But if you are very curious, you may want to regret something similar to that of an adult. A nice drop in the bathtub can do wonders, believe me! You can watch your baby move between scented foams, both of which can relax. It's a good time for this meditбlбsra too. No big things to think about: just lie quiet, breathe in, and train your baby. This is one of the best ways to spend a couple of minutes with the little one, just pay attention to it. Meditation refreshes, and your breathing becomes deeper, giving you more oxygen. The little one can have a lot of fun! You can also look for water maternity trades. Akvafitnesz or akvanatal in the meantime, by moving your whole body safely, you can also experience how your baby can feel inside. The water is lightly relieved by the weight of the bar and your muscles relax. If you have the opportunity to bathe in the salt water, you can also enjoy the relaxing effects of the mineral substances.

3. Yoga

Like meditation, yoga is a pleasant way to unwind. With regular exercise, you can maintain your body during pregnancy, prepare for childbirth, and learn to tune in to positive thoughts. Weak movements are a bit rocking in the amniotic fluid while her mom is enjoying herself. You can learn to relax and learn special yoga, which helps the needed hormones to flow through your body. In yoga, you can connect with the baby to build love and trust in the little one.

Yoga playful effects on the body during pregnancy

4. Music in the language

From the sixteenth week, the baby hears everything: your heart rate, your stomach uproarious, all kinds of internal noises. And by the twenty-second week, the locks of the world have come to it. She knows your voice! After childbirth, you will be able to observe how quickly the well-known mummy and other sounds make a difference. Talk, sing as much as you can to the picnur! At first, you may feel a little strange that you are speaking out loud to yourself, but think that you are not the only one! You can also try telling a story every night - you will soon need this practice. Did you know that your baby is already a musician? Of course, you are my mojdn. Probably you prefer regular rhythm music because it reminds you most of your heart. Give it a try: play Mozart or some very heavy metal. He'll tell you what he doesn't like, but immediately! You can reap the rewards of regular tummy tapping after birth. The familiar tunes because we would soon calm down the baby doll. It's a proven fact that the language of your little ones improves well with the music. All you have to do is sit back in a comfortable armchair and indulge in your favorite tunes. There are also live concerts specially designed for entertainers. Check it out, below are just a few ideas:

5. Spiritual field cord

Initially, the world is in the form of sensations. The fetus gets a message inside that you feel yourself. You can also improve your ability to communicate with your baby with the help of your senses. If you choose this method, it is worth consulting a good professional who will teach you how to put yourself in a relaxed state with the help of breathing and concentration techniques. If you can find this internal path to the baby, you will feel that the birth is not a meeting with the unknown, but a natural continuation of the relationship.

6. Take a peek!

Dr. Krisztina Fenyvesvцlgyi Specialist Radiology: - You can find special photos of fetal development in countless publications today, and you can follow this process almost week after week. Also on the video you can look into the life of the fetus. In our country, there are currently 3 basic ultrasound examinations offered during pregnancy care, which provide a detailed overview of the baby. Pregnancy Ultrasound Examination with 4D-5D Technology: This is the official name for the increasingly popular baby cinema. The optimal time for this exciting examination is 20-30. Of course, you also need to prepare your baby for beautiful photos. You get a very accurate picture of the baby, you find it tiny, so smart, sucking your finger, grimacing. It is an extraordinary sensation, unlike any other, that you can hear the sound of your voice in the middle. Impressive and soothing moments!
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