Now you can save lives by sharing a video

Now you can save lives by sharing a video

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Now you can save lives by sharing a video

There is a month from the campaign where you can share the work of Pampers and UNICEF with a video sharing: to eliminate the New Year's tetanus infection wherever it is still a danger.

Babies are capable of the most wonderful things, and they make everyone happier with themselves. In fact, now you can even save lives by wearing a Pampers diaper, as Pampers will donate 1 amount of vaccine per each package of Pampers-UNICEF logs to combat tetanus infection.

Now you can save lives by sharing a video

Maternal tetanus йs ъjszьlцttkori szбmos csalбdot йrint the vilбg legszegйnyebb rйszein, йs elх occurs in cases when the ъjszьlцtt fertхzхdik kбros it is not certain higiйnikus йs egйszsйgre szьlйszeti eljбrбsok kцvetkeztйben, pйldбul kцldцkzsinуr due to the non-sterile tцrtйnх eszkцzzel elvбgбsa. Once the newborn tetanus is infected, there is no chance of healing. An infectious disease requires the lives of 49,000 babies each year, which means that one infant dies every 11 minutes.Thanks to the support of families and wonderful babies, the launch of Pampers and the UNICEF "1 Pack = 1 Deliberate" campaign has resulted in approximately 500,000 * newborn infant lives.This time, Indonesia and Nigeria have joined the countries in which the Pampers donations have helped eradicate tetanus. However, in another 19 countries this disease is still a threat. Pampers-UNICEF's "1 Pack = 1 Vaccination" campaign is designed to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus wherever it is at risk. eljuttathassбk.

How can we help?

The Pampers-UNICEF "1 pack = 1 vaccination" campaign runs through December 31, 2016, so any parent can now help in a number of simple ways: - 1 pack - 1 lifesaving vaccine: All Pampers Active Baby Dryers with Campaign Log by purchasing a package, donates an amount corresponding to one vaccination to combat tetanus infection.
- 1 Sharing - 1 Lifesaving Vaccination: The "Wonderful Babies" movie gives each division the amount corresponding to the Pampers 1 Vaccination to overcome the tetanus infection.
- Collaboration with Tesco: Pampers Active Baby-Dry, Pampers Pants, and Pampers Wraps purchased in Tesco during November and December are eligible for 1 purchase.
- UNICEF adomбnyok: The adomбnyokkal szьlхkhцz join those who make azйrt all hуnapban to javнthassбk lйvх hбtrбnyos the situation of children йletkцrьlmйnyeit.Csatlakozz hozzбnk йs tбmogatбsoddal the Pampers® йs UNICEF segнthet save all the csodбlatos babбt vilбgon the ъjszьlцttkori tetanuszfertхzйstхl. Visit the Pampers page for more information.


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