Iron every day?

Iron every day?

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The basic thesis is that the baby must take iron. But how well-founded is this setting?

Iron every day?

Although almost every little mother is giving iron during pregnancy, recent research has strongly questioned the need for it. THE vasadagolбs Usually they are decided because of a decrease in blood hemoglobin levels, but this is a normal phenomenon within certain limits as more blood circulates in the body. Analyzes have shown that daily iron intake is no more effective than given twice a week three timesand, in the latter case, side effects are also less frequent.Other interesting observation is that iron levels are checker also decreases in the baby being tested, which suggests the well-known fact that the body is trying to reduce the amount of iron in the blood during pregnancy increased risk of infection against. The valуdi vйrszegйnysйg the egйszsйgesen tбplбlkozу kismamбk kцrйben very rare rбadбsul the babavбrбs idejйn the tбplбlйk vastartalmбnak rйsze utilized more than egyйbkйnt.Йrdemes vaspуtlбs put in place in the hangsъlyt egйszsйges tбplбlkozбsra the vitamins йs бsvбnyi materials it is best if the Through food we get to it. Iron-rich foods include spinach, eggs, beans, lentils, mussels, blueberries, tofu, cereals, tomatoes and liver. Foods of animal origin are less likely to absorb iron in the body than foods, and vitamin C can help prevent absorption, so it is useful to cabbage, cabbage, mangold, rape, star).
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