The parent can also call for help when there is a problem

The parent can also call for help when there is a problem

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In just over 3 months, 3500 data subjects have been registered in the unique app in Hungary. Instant (and in-person) pediatrician support can also be installed from March to iOS phones.

"What can go wrong is going to get worse." Murphy also works with sickness and accident: if you have a sick child, you are sure to have it on cold days, on holidays, at night, but at least when you can't contact your own pediatrician because you don't order, you don't want to bother elйrni. The situation is a drop-in. But in many cases, we are already concerned with how big the problem is: calling for an ambulance, going to the hospital, or having a call the next day, visiting the pediatrician on the third day. Where can one turn for information in this case? You can discuss it with your partner, your grandparents, your friends, watch it on the net or in a book. Each two is reliable, and very time-consuming. And when the light of our eyes is sick, every minute counts. It's best to get an authoritative, trustworthy good lightning fast.
According to the experience of practicing pediatricians, in many cases the smoke is "greater than the smoke" of the health problem and before the doctor follows the doctor's instructions. But who tells you if there is a cause for concern and what to do?
The overloaded health care system is supported by the Pocket Doctor application launched in December 2015, which primarily provides parents with a diagnostic service: clear questions help to decide how big. If you are not satisfied with the answer, you will always be able to call for help. There are currently 10 pediatricians in the country (24 hours).
Innovative service professional background Dr. Kirбly Balzzs developed by a pediatrician. With many years of practical experience, skin care professionals see the mission as improving the well-being of children. The Pocket Doctor application - in its own disorderly way - serves this noble purpose. More and more parents, grandparents have smartphones. The app creates a communication channel between the doctor and the patient that is up-to-date, comfortable, fast, and capable of addressing the gaps in current state care. It is a useful supplement to basic health care.

Dr. Kirбly Balzzs

Why the app?

  • Because we get enough attention, we get time from a specialist.
  • Because it can save you from having more urine spent in the ward among many infectious patients.
  • Because you can get help from our home immediately and at any time.
  • Android and iOS

    Initially, the phone application was launched for Android only, but now in March, the iOS version has also been upgraded, making Pocket Doctor available for iPhone.
    The application can be accessed:
    For Android here
    for iOS here
    The diagnostics part of the app is free, but the live phone support is paid. IOS platform setup has been celebrating now 3 minutes free chat get all registrations.