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If the child is wrong, he will learn badly

If the child is wrong, he will learn badly

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According to American experts, the eye exam should also be included in the to-do list.

Several studies have shown that 86 percent of children admit to the desk that they have never attended an eye exam, and that children cannot learn properly if they are not properly seen. According to a 2009 survey by the American Optometrists Association, which is intended to assess eye and visual health knowledge, 88 percent of respondents did not know that every fourth child could have a systemic condition. it can be an important factor in school performance, "said Dr. Michael Early, an optometrist at AOA's vision and learning specialist in press releases. "Unfortunately, most parents do not visit the ophthalmologist during the early examinations."

Learning problems can also make learning difficult

According to the survey, 58 percent of parents did not take their child to an ophthalmologist before the age of 3. The AOA suggests that the first visit should be by 6 months. Comprehensive examination at 3 years, which should be repeated every 2 years unless otherwise recommended by the optometrist. Previous studies have revealed that children have 60 percent of problems with learning, which can be caused by unexplained visual disturbances, which are often diagnosed with attention and hyperactivity - over the years.
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Shortness and absence

Playback The earlier you recognize and treat problems with vision, the greater the chance of successful healing.
Between two exams, the following signs may give rise to suspicion: Don't know where to continue reading, avoids close-up work, rubbing your eyes a lot, complaining about headaches frequently, twists or skims, follows your finger as you read the text, spoils or omits simple words when reading, constantly performs worse than your abilities, moves to your homework, is anxious to read or disappear, has a keen eye or behaviors.


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