Szovvzrej - what is the reason?

Szovvzrej - what is the reason?

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When doctors "listen" to the patient with the stethoscope attached to the patient's chest, they normally only hear the heart beating.

Szovvzrej - what is the reason?The word secret is often discovered unintentionally, although dr. Peter Vaskу, a cardiologist at CardioCenter, says there may be a few symptoms that may indicate a problem with the lock.

Why do doctors "listen"?

- Listening above the heart is one of the oldest and most commonly used methods of examining cardiology to date. With a stethoscope, a stethoscope and an infant, we listen to the vocal cords squeezing our ears over the body, says dr. Peter Vasco, cardiologist at CardioCenter. - It is important to distinguish between normal voices, accent and aural voices. The place where the noises appear is called the punctum maximum, which refers to the point where you can hear it most strongly. Once this is done, the intensity and length of the locks should be heard and recorded. This classic method is still used in the 21st century. it is impossible to ignore it for at least a century, and at most the sonar sound has to be developed so that the cause of the noise can be precisely determined.

What sounds can you hear?

Under normal conditions, two sounds can be heard in adults. These sounds are primarily caused by the movement of the keys, most notably by their impact. I. and II. sound. The systolic I sound is mainly heard when the two-pointed, three-point valve at the border of the atria and ventricle is closed, and other components are also added. The diastolic II. tone occurs when the ventricles and the vessels of the large vessels (aorta and pulmonary) are closed. The location, strength, intensity, and length of these locks can be inferred immediately from the disease. Based on all these, we can speak of three groups of words: systolic, diastolic, and systolic-diastolic locks. The two most common key switches are the szыkьlet And a bad, inadequate clogging. In case of suspected childhood, it is important to detect a possible developmental abnormality and to examine the open heart for two heartburns, as this can also result in the occurrence of high blood pressure, You can hear him. gallop sound (or gallop rhythm), which is a disease of the ventricular muscle or arrhythmia.

When should I consult a doctor?

Patients almost never go to a doctor because of heart disease because they can't hear you. What may call attention to the underlying disease are some of the more common complaints, such as faster exhaustion or fatigue, or family history of heart disease. In such cases, a stethoscope or heartbeat exam can also detect the word, says Dr. Vasku. - If a review, a stethoscopic examination, and a heart scan are performed, the source is identified, a diagnosis can be made, and the clinician ordered.
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