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Autumn is here! We recommend 3 + 1 super turquoise

Autumn is here! We recommend 3 + 1 super turquoise

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When it comes to season change, the air cools down, you look at your wardrobe, open your bare toes on your small sandals, and you realize there is nothing you can give it. We are presenting such a super site now!

Hbda in the East
Certainly many are familiar with it, it is a real goldmine. You can actually dress your child from the top to the bottom, and even the most expensive pieces will not work out in your wallet. I also bought overalls for 1500 forints, a good quality, flawless, wet piece. Those who live close by will do well to look at it multiple times, because they keep updating their inventory. Coats, pants, overalls are cut, but there are also large baskets for boots, hats, pajamas, accessories.
Cnm: Budapest VII., Thцkцly u. 9th
The list of all Haba stores is here!
In Turkey, I not only buy because it is cheaper to get damaged, lost, and last but not least the pattern of the part is always confined to the endless panty-head.
If I get stuffed with bear-headed bears, I usually go to Kubbab.
Cheerful, virile, chunky, feminine and really cool little boy pieces are here on the piece.
It is not in the low-end category, but it is not too bad to take a gift here. GAP, Zara, Monsoon, whatever you want. You can also catch some frilly new foosies in the action basket and some weird whoops. You can also find good quality used shoes, worth a look.
What a lint
Surprisingly tiny nook on the German Way. But as small as it is, the voters are so wide. Clothes, shoes, carry-ons, toys and strollers (!!!), beautifully on the lookout. Piece by piece, I'd rather call it mid-range.
Cnm: Budapest XII., Németvцlgyi ъt 14.
+ 1 Pecs County
Everyone must have watched the Catskaya movie. It is thoroughly learned that they are going to buy the Pixels for the fox.
Not by accident… Because anyone who has been there knows that there is REALLY anything to buy at Pecs, so of course baby clothes. In the flea market part, grandmothers and moms are in the midst of frightened, good-looking, scented, ironed baby clothes. It is possible to base a season on about 5,000 forints…
Here you find the time of the Pécs fairs.


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