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Breastfeeding Helps Set Your Baby's Biological Mind

Breastfeeding Helps Set Your Baby's Biological Mind

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Breast milk is far more than just baby food - according to the latest research, its composition still indicates the baby's time of day.

It helps the baby's timing with breast milk, because the composition of breast milk changes throughout the day, and in the evening, in the morning, with energy, the baby will have a calming diet. According to researchers, this "chrono-nutrition" can help infants adjust their circadian rhythm, programming, the inner space, which indicates to the baby whether it is day or night.But what happens if the baby is not fed directly from the breast, but do you get milk that has been skimmed before? Researchers have not investigated the effect of "retired" milk, but they believe it can have long-lasting effects.

Timing throughout the day

Changes in sleep, sleep and energy levels all follow a circadian rhythm. Parents who have woken up at night are aware that babies do not live according to their usual rhythm. The sensation of the day and the night develops in the first weeks or months of life, thanks to the light shade. Even in the first period, few babies behave according to the circadian rhythm of eating and sleeping, but there are also newborn babies who seem to do things the other way around. Developing a circadian rhythm may increase the risk of the puppy and lead to nutrition and growth problems. but now you can see: breastfeeding can help with this proper programming.

That's how breast milk changes

The composition of breast milk goes through major changes throughout the day. For example, the level of cortisol, the regulating hormone in the mind, is three times higher in the morning milk than in the evening. Melatonin, which helps sleep, is hardly present in morning milk, even though it can be found in large quantities in the evening, its level is in the milk of the newborn. Night milk also contains certain DNA building blocks that also help you sleep well. Daytime milk contains more activity-assisting amino acids, and iron levels are high in the evening, while vitamin E is in the evening. Mineral substances such as magnesium, potassium, zinc and sodium are high in the morning. .It is clear that the composition of the milk changes, but little is known about what this means for the baby's health. The hormones and immune components in breast milk are given to infants who begin to develop circadian rhythms in the first months of their lives. They are probably aided by the presence of breast milk chrono-szignбlok too. Different diets for babies can explain why their sleeping habits are so different.

If the message is wrong

What happens when babies drink night milk in the morning, and babies drink breakfast? We do not know this precisely because research has not done so. But giving a baby a glass of morning milk in the evening, high in cortisol and low in melatonin, would look a lot like turning on the light before going to bed. Milk not received in good time may be related to the baby's poorer sleep and digestive habits.The solution to this, however, is very simple: if one gives the baby milk to milk, it is worth noting which portion of the morning, deli, duluth, and evening, to contribute to the improvement of the baby's circadian rhythm. (VIA)Related links:


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