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Family Beaters 2016

Family Beaters 2016

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Family vouchers do not qualify for a claim: you must submit an application using the appropriate form. The number of children in a pool is determined by whether or not to raise the child alone or with a couple.

Family Beatles

The child's compulsory education is divided into two - parenting and educational support. Parenting allowance is granted to children who are still enrolled in education, and to education support for children who are still in compulsory education but who are still in secondary education.

Amount of family bars in 2016:

Family with one child: 12 200 Ft
For single parent raising a child: 13 700 Ft
For two families with children (per child): 13 300 Ft
In case of single parent with two children (children): 14 800 Ft
For three or more families with children (per child): $ 50
In case of a single parent with three or more children (children) 17 000 Ft
For children with a long-term illness or severe disability: 23 300 Ft
For single parents raising a child who is ill or severely disabled: 25 900 Ft
Family parties after the same child are entitled to only one person, unless the parents, on the basis of a vigorous court ruling, take care of the child on an ad hoc basis. If the child is living with a single parent in the household, any parent can claim the family party, according to their joint statement.
In the absence of an agreement, the parents, who are in need of care, request, on request, to have custody. After the child, with respect to whom the education allowance is being provided, education support cannot be continued. If a child over the age of eighteen has a regular income, the family allowance for that child should be discontinued as of the fourth month as long as he has a regular income.

Educational support:

Eligible for Education…
  • a parent who is born in marriage, a living parent with a parent, a person who wants to have a child raised in his or her own household, and the the child is placed on a temporary basis, raised in his / her own household,
  • the head of the orphanage brought up in the orphanage,
  • the head of the social institution with regard to the child who is still in the institution and who has not been enrolled in the institution, until 31 October of that year.

  • 2016 januбr 1 tхl nevelйsi ellбtбsra you will йs iskolбztatбsi tбmogatбsra entitled egyьtt the szьlхvel йlх йlettбrs if йrintett the ellбtбssal child has йs the szьlхvel kцzцs lakу or tartуzkodбsi place йlettбrskйnt legalбbb a йve in the Йlettбrsi Notices Nyilvбntartбsбban or szьlхvel fennбllу йlettбrsi kapcsolatбt the claim for benefit shall be certified by a document issued at least one year in advance.
    You are entitled to parental benefit in your own right at the time of termination of eligibility for education support for a permanently ill or severely handicapped person over the age of eighteen.
    After a child who has completed his or her sixteenth year of age, he or she can claim support at all levels. Eligible children who have completed their sixteenth year of age, have a special education need, or have a special education, have a moderate or severely impaired child, or a disabled child, or a sixteenth year old.

    Education Support:

    Eligible parents are eligible for education support, a parent living with the parent, a person who wishes to adopt a child raised in their own household, The foster parent, the foster child, the person to whom the child is placed temporarily, the foster parent, the foster parent, the foster child, the person indicated in the decision.
    The iskolбztatбsi tбmogatбs folyуsнthatу the tankцteles child focus on child tankцtelessй vбlбsa йvйnek November 1 jйtхl full idхtartamбra the tankцtelezettsйg and tankцtelezettsйge megszыnйsйt kцvetхen kцzoktatбsi intйzmйnyben tanulmбnyokat folytatу child having regard to the tanйvnek the utolsу napjбig in which the child of the twentieth, sajбtos nevelйsi igйnyы tanulу in his case, he turns twenty-three.
    Further, the Correctional Administrator or the Director of the Prison Enforcement Department may be educated in the Correctional Institution or in the Prison of Enforcement and in Child Care. Educational support is continued for the duration of the compulsory schooling period for the duration of the school leaving period.

    You will need to submit your family ticket request

  • Identity document (Identity card, Identity card, Driving license or Passport)
  • Valid immigration, residence permit, other documents authorizing residence in Hungary, EU Blue Card in the case of a foreign citizen
  • In case of marriage with a parent, the marriage certificate (in the case of a registered life certificate attesting this)
  • In the case of guardianship, the decree verifying my entitlement
  • If your child is persistently ill or seriously disabled, you will receive a medical certificate from this parent.
  • If you are a student of a Higher Education Institution that can be used to determine the amount of family members, the parent's certificate of parentage status
  • If the applicant is considered to be unique due to the continuation of his / her secondary or tertiary education, then he / she will be certified as a student / student.
  • to the extent that the claimant's pension, disability, old age, and income conditions are considered to be unique, he / she shall provide evidence of his / her benefits and his / her
  • If the child with special education needs has been terminated due to termination of compulsory schooling, then the certificate of termination of the student relationship shall be certified.

  • The kitцltцtt йs alбнrt formanyomtatvбnyt йs mellйkleteit illetйkes declared lakуhely, tartуzkodбsi place by Hungary Бllamkincstбr Igazgatуsбgбnбl, the county kormбnyhivatal ьgyfйlszolgбlatбn, or if the kйrelmezх munkahelyйn mыkцdik tбrsadalombiztosнtбsi or csalбdtбmogatбsi kifizetхhely, this can kifizetхhelynйl benyъjtani.
    The kйrelem benyъjthatу szemйlyesen the ьgyfйlszolgбlaton or post ъton and ьgyfйlkapun keresztьl electronically. In the case of an application filed electronically, it may also be attached to the document scanning scanner. The addresses of the Hungarian State Treasury Board, the addresses of the staff services and the date of the recruitment can be found at
    Family vouchers are valid from the date of filing the application, provided that the eligibility criteria are met at the time of filing. In the event of a gratuitous check-in, you will be retained for up to two months.
    More information from the Government Family Directory.
  • Child Care Assistance (GYES) 2016
  • Child Care Award - GYED 2016
  • Parenting Support - GYET 2016
  • Maternity Support 2016
  • Baby Care Award - CSED 2016

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