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L'Oréal sponsored Hungarian researchers by Tzz over 115,000 euros

L'Oréal sponsored Hungarian researchers by Tzz over 115,000 euros

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With this year's jubilee award, as many as 31 Hungarian researchers have received support for their scholarly work through the L'Oréal - UNESCO "Women and Science" award.

This time, women have been recognized for their research on cancer and the prevention of bacterial infections, as well as the discovery of the smallest sugar molecule. The grant enables Hungarian researchers who have made groundbreaking discoveries in these areas to continue their work at home, under certain financial conditions. Similar initiatives enable our domestic researchers to be known and recognized anywhere in the world. This year's winners represent a different field, one thing in common: their research has produced outstanding results that can inspire future generations and boost domestic knowledge. Awarded in the Under 30s category, Dr. Edit Mbtyus, the smallest sugar molecule discoverer, has been recognized by L'Oréal and UNESCO. By color analysis, analysis of the heart colors, he recognized the small molecule that had been suspected but could not be proved before. Dr. Durab Szabu, a 40-year-old award-winning researcher, looked at how bacteria are resistant to traditional antibiotics, and the results of his research can play an important role in the development of new types of drugs. The cells of every living organism have specific defects in their DNA, which unfortunately also help the cancer cells to function. Awarded under the age of 55, Prof. Dr. Beata Vértessy G. Baba examines the operation of these "maintainers". This research will help in the future of understanding cancer cells and fighting against currents, as well as infectious microorganisms.
Similarly to the past nine years, a jury of academics led by Prof. Dr. Damon Veronika selected three researchers who today could receive a total of $ 11,000 in grants.
The unique program, which recognizes only women, aims to raise public awareness of the research and achievements of talented women, who are often neglected in the scientific world. This time around, one hundred winners were selected to win their prizes at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. During the festive ceremony, researchers awarded in the past 10 years also took part and said that there were other positives besides material and moral support. They were determined to get to know other researchers who, although from different fields of expertise, faced similar problems in everyday life in Hungarian research. They all seem to struggle with the reconciliation of family and work, the literal world of the fair, the scarce financial possibilities. L'Oréal and the UNESCO Prize, thanks to professional co-operation, have also been honored by many previous winners.


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