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What does the visit ban mean in practice?

What does the visit ban mean in practice?

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Due to influenza law, more and more hospitals are barred from visiting relatives and acquaintances. What does this restriction mean, and how do small patients in children's wards survive?

As the law spreads, so do the number of visiting bans in the country. It is up to the health authority to decide when, for what length of time, in what classes, and in what amount a prohibition is ordered in a particular hospital. Currently, there are 70 hospitals in the state with a ban, half of which are restricted to the entire institution, so that each class can only be admitted to a close relative under certain rules.
The most difficult thing for sick children and their parents is to overcome the barrier. In most children's classes, only one parent can stay inside, but there are also places where you can set the time so your mother or father can spend just a couple of days with their child. The little ones still feel better at home, the lack of family and friends.
"The fact that someone is vaccinated against influenza is not a guarantee that the person will not get the infection. At this point, we do not check the vaccine, but only one parent at a time," said Dr. Viktor Bauer, Head of the Children's Department of Dr. Kenessey Albert Kourrzh. "The rest of the visitors can only come to the door, their gifts, their luggage will be taken by the mother or nurse to the sick child. We also ask our mothers to keep their children in the hospital so that the little ones do not stick. he has a lot of work to do since he has to book a little patient all day for all the other help and support he needs. "

Children still feel the lack of their loved ones

The Gottsegen National Institute of Cardiology also has a stricter ban, as there are children with cardiac and cardiovascular problems who may be suffering from or suffering from severe influenza. "Parents find it hard to stay alone with their children every day. Luckily, the little ones invent themselves and play, talk, and spend more time with each other. social games, books that turn stories into one another, "explained Vincent Beatrix.
"During visiting bans, parents and relatives have the hardest time accepting that they can't go in with their sick relatives, or solicit the loving companionship of the little ones," said Nagyra Horváth, author of K&g Communication. "A home game, a book, a delicious meal can naturally make little patients happy, but with a personal presence for a couple of weeks now, unfortunately, only the mother can contribute to her child's healing. they can also send story videos to the K&H spill channel on YouTube, where 219 stories are waiting for the little patients of 30 countries in the country. "
"Influenza lasts several days with extremely high fever. The disease is spreading very rapidly in the school age, and unfortunately, the number of patients with cancer is high," says Dr. P, " Head of Department. "Non-infectious children are separated from the flu, but only one parent can visit them. It is a great variety for them to see a nice story on the Internet."


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