Sleep disturbance may also indicate this

Sleep disturbance may also indicate this

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Insulin resistance can cause a myriad of unusual symptoms, and the patient often comes to realize that his or her unpleasant complaints have been caused by high insulin levels.

You may be wondering if there is any correlation between sleep disorders and the condition. The answer dr. Koppbny Victor, we learned from the PCOS and insulin resistance specialist at the Endocrine Center in Buda.

Often there is no light to IR

Although more and more people and doctors take insulin resistance seriously, many people do not test themselves, even if untreated. can easily lead to type 2 diabetes. One of the main reasons why the condition often causes symptoms? if it causes it, it's very easy to glide over them. Such an example is a hair loss, bad mood, fatigue, eating lightness, sugar- these are all complaints that a healthy person encounters many times, but usually they go away.However, in the case of IR, this is often added to acne, acne, greasy skin, increased hair growth in male-dominated areas (mustache, beard), menstrual disorders, infertility.The other reason many people have no light on their insulin resistance is that they control their blood glucose levels alone, though they should also have insulin (0.60.90 minutes), since they may be just as low as their insulin levels. moves within the normal range.

Insulin resistance may accompany sleep disorders

As mentioned above, IR can produce everyday but very unpleasant symptoms. That is it alvбszavar Also, although the exact reason for this is still unclear, research has shown that sleep disorders are more common in IR and diabetes than in healthy ones. The problem itself can manifest itself as an example difficulty sleeping, frequent awakenings, sleep apnea, snoring, or less than 6 hours of sleep.Changing the circadian rhythm may cause sleep disturbance in the IR, although the exact cause of the connection requires further investigation, but researchers may find it circadian rhythmswhich increases the amount of hormones that regulate blood flow, which can lead to problems with your blood glucose control. In addition, people with high insulin levels often have excess weight, and numerous studies have proven it. Unsatisfactory sleep enhances sleep, in fact, in the overweight, sleep is more common. sleep apnea also. This is in addition to snoring, night-time sickness Deconcentration, Clarity and Irritability after which the person consumes more unhealthy, high glycemic index foods. As a result, an ecological disorder begins in the sleep-congestive-insulin resistance setting - explains dr. Viktoria Koppany, PCOS and insulin resistance specialist at the Buda Endocrine Center.

Realize and treat your insulin resistance

Should someone have trouble sleeping? especially if you have excess weight next to it - it is worth conducting tests for insulin resistance. If the condition is confirmed, it will require a lifestyle change (diet, exercise) and, where appropriate, medication. As a result, the value of the complaint is significantly reduced / withdrawn, but this requires strict adherence to the diet and exercise program, as well as continued observation of bedtime.Related articles in IR:


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