Baby Rhinitis - What To Do?

Baby Rhinitis - What To Do?

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Nasal bleeding can also cause great anxiety in an experienced parent, as the amount of missing blood seems to be high and the child is frightened of lust. What to do in this case?

Baby Rhinitis - What To Do?

Interestingly, even my adolescent child had a real panic attack recently when he experienced a slight nose bleed after a week. Whenever I tried to remind myself that the situation had to be handled professionally, I had to put in a similar amount of effort to relieve the fright. However, there are bleeding through the back nasal passages into the pharynx, which are usually triggered by the symptoms of bleeding, paleness, numbness, and rapid pulse.

Causes of nosebleeds

There are many local causes of nasal bleeding, and mainly in the early part of the nasopharyngeal mucosa of the nose, the symptoms are very rare in the infant. Nasal bleeding may occur several times as you age, but is most common in adolescence. Fortunately, most people have banal nosebleeds, which do not require ear-nose care, only some home-based treatment.In children, one of the most common is orrpiszkбlбs consequent nasal bleeding. In this case, the child felsйrti the kцrmйvel the lйvх there nyбlkahбrtyбt and ereket.Szintйn common for orrbemenetben talбlhatу pцrkцk sйrьlйse, kaparбsa the nyбlkahбrtyбjбnak gyulladбsa or a erхsebb orrfъjбs бll unpleasant tьnet hбtterйben.Az nose nyбlkahбrtyбjбnak gyulladбsбt allergic, viral or bacterial infections. Especially in the winter period, the nasal mucosa becomes thinner, as it is easier to dry in heated, warm areas, which can lead to hair follicles and a dry, dry air polluted city air it does not work well for the respiratory defense system, as it also dries the mucous membrane of the mucous membrane, which can crack and cause nasal bleeding. Frequent periods of recurrence may also predispose the child to epistaxis. It may also be easy to develop as a result of epistaxis or pharyngeal hyperplasia. In this case, the nasal passages change the turbulence of the air, which has a bad effect on the mucous membrane of the mucous membrane and the blood vessels.In young childhood, the foreign body it was in the little nose. These can be small toys, sponges, balls, seeds or peas. Typically, only one of the nostrils may have symptoms and, besides the feeling of nasal congestion, a prolonged coughing, wheezing may also cause symptoms. You may also develop nasal passages outside the stranger. When entering a stranger, the parent may also experience severe nasal bleeding, which is a stroke coming from the stranger. The removal of the foreign body should always be referred to a specialist in otorhinolaryngology, and, among the common causes of nasal bleeding, are the injuries to the cartilage and the injury.

Repetitive nosebleeds can be caused by many diseases in children

Nasal bleeding is less common a common symptom of a disease it can be. Nasal bleeding can also be associated with high blood pressure in childhood, but it can also be caused by hematologic conditions, blood clotting disorders, and recurrent and difficult to relieve nose bleeding. However, in addition to nasal bleeding, there are other symptoms (eg bruising, fatigue, paleness). These more serious diseases are characterized by double-sided nosebleeds.

How to Reduce Rhinitis

The most important thing is to treat the situation with caution, because even if the child sees the alarm, he or she will be more confident.Since the nose that the head of the children was being pushed back when the nosebleed was suppressed. Do not do this, because the warm blood is going back. This can cause nausea and also with the loss of blood, which can cause more panic. wait: it may take up to 5-10 minutes for the bleeding to be successful. if you use a nasal spray (not seawater nasal spray) on a nasal mucosa to wipe a gauze or cotton swab that you make into a tampon and place it in your nose. After that, you crush the wings! It is also a great help if you apply cold water on your child's neck.If you do not stop the bleeding or it occurs several times a week, you should definitely have a nasal examination!

What can be done to prevent nose bleeding?

With a little caution you can help yourself to have the nose bleed less often. During the heating season, provide air humidification by using cooked noodles, a large size water bed or turntable placed on the radiator. It is worth paying close attention to the baby's nose. Be careful not to get your nose dirty! During a period of nourishment, seek careful nasal discharge or, in the case of older children, teach proper nasal technique. Orrszнvбs elхtt hasznбlata sea water nasal spray, or orrfъjбst orrszнvбst kцvetхen orrnyбlkahбrtya and swelling csцkkentх kйszнtmйnyek hasznбlata javasolt.Amennyiben specialist vizsgбlat erхsнti that the child's veins sйrьlйkenyebbek, then vitamin C and hajszбlйr kбrosodбsбnak mйrsйklйsйre szolgбlу kйszнtmйny szedйse szьksйges.Ha also like szelнd gyуgymуdokat , you can also call aromatherapy with your help. It is worth trying lemon essential oil to reduce the symptoms of epistaxis. Related articles in rhinoceros:


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