In these cases, you still have to pay even if you have a voicemail

In these cases, you still have to pay even if you have a voicemail

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Since 2007, health services contracted with the Social Security are required to verify patient eligibility. The eligibility check is to make sure that all valid passwords are deposited.

In these cases, you still have to pay even if you have a voicemailEligibility is electronically verified by the Health Services in the National Health Insurance Fund (NEAK) registry. You do not need to check your eligibility for the following medical / nursing benefits:
  • ambulance, patient transportation,
  • protective service,
  • home care,
  • school and youth health,
  • moving medical service,
  • diagnostics, histology (where the patient is not present),
  • boncolбs.
The essence of verification, of course, is to make a deposit on every valid billboard. The eligibility check different color light indicates the status: "green", "red", "yellow", "blue" or "brown" - enter hvg.hu on the Aduzu track.Examples When you make a payment, the red light will appear. In this case also gets the tбrsadalombiztosнtбs keretйben the egйszsйgьgyi szolgбltatбst, but jogosultsбg kцteles rendezйse йrdekйben egйszsйgbiztosнtбsi the kormбnyhivatal szervйhez advice.Take sбrga lбmpa appears azoknбl who qualify megбllapodбs alapjбn egйszsйgьgyi szolgбltatбsra, those szemйlyek kцthetik you who do not biztosнtottak, йs egйszsйgьgyi The monthly amount of the contributions payable on the basis of the agreement is: 50% of the minimum age (ie 149,000 HUF) for students of the age of attainment (for adults aged 149,000) and for Hungarian students aged 18 Under the effective rule, only those who have a contract are eligible for emergency care within the first 24 months of the agreement, unless the agreement is signed at the same time as the agreement is concluded. your payment will be canceled within 24 days. In some cases, the number is valid, but you will not receive full coverage after the 24 month payment or waiting period.
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