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Attention can be distracted by fire

Attention can be distracted by fire

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End-to-end life - even when switching between broadcasts - or console games, computer games, can make it harder to concentrate at school - psychologists are turning.

Researchers shared the topic, but as it did Douglas A. Gentile, head of the Iowa State University's Media Research Lab, said, "We still don't really know if death and video games cause attention in children. also influences. "

If you do not take the game, you will be fine

Researchers observed a group of 1,300 school-age children across the age, and asked their parents and teachers to track their life habits and school behaviors. In the research, children who regularly watched or played console games and video games showed little attention to more than 2 to 3 times a day. study results are deteriorating. The research team has not shown that attention problems and hyperactivity can be linked to life-long habits, but if the child already has these problems, he or she may have missed out on many screens.
The study may also be helpful for parents whose child has attentive disorders. Douglas A. Gentile said it could be the first line of defense for parents controlling the time spent before the screen, which can provide much more help than many parents would think.
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