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Fast and Healthy Easter DessertsRecipes

Fast and Healthy Easter DessertsRecipes

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For the holidays, you also don't want to specialize in the principle of avoiding unhealthy dessert on the table. Another "jeopardy" period is Easter! Here's a little idea how to make a crap!

Fast and healthy

In no time: crunch eggs

Ingredients: brown rice puffed in two teas, roughly or minced almonds in half a teaspoon, 20 deca dates, unsweetened dates or raisins, a biocitrate grated liver, 5 deca chocolate (70 percent), a cup of cocoa, cinnamon
Wash the sliced ​​apple with a bot blender, mix with the lemon juice, mix the date cut into small pieces and leave at least one urn. In April, finely chop the chocolate. Next, use a bot blender to drizzle the date apple, then mix the almonds, puffed rice, chocolat and lemon zest into the resulting thick mass. Work well together and then form eggs with wet hands. It is good for him to eat if he is light but fresh when fresh.

Torrillas: Traditional Spanish Halloween dessert in a new way

Ingredients: two small slices of dry whole wheat bread, two slices of deci milk and a small egg, half a tablespoon of honey, a pinch of olive oil, eggs, honey and raisins soaked in soft, then scrape the inside of the used vanilla. Immerse the bread slices until all the liquid is completely absorbed. Preheat oven to 220 degrees. Place the slices in a baking sheet lined with baking paper, then fill with a little oil and add to the oven. Cook as long as you get a little color, but be careful not to dry it out! The Torrian is basically the sweet version of our well-known fur coat, and here is a slightly more delicious version with a little oil-drizzle.

Easter cake to keep the bunnies alive

Adding to a 12-Slice Cake:
30 deca finely grated beetroot, 10 deca natural dates, a banana, such as egg, another deci yogurt, 10 deca minced almonds or di, two tablespoons linseed, two tablespoons oatmeal, two tablespoons for marinating marzipan
Choose the eggs, put the white on top. Blend yogurt, yogurt, banana and date in a blender with a blender. Stir in grated yellow beetroot, cinnamon, almonds, linseed, oatmeal, and cake flour. Whisk the whisk with a pinch of hard foam, then gently roll it into the mass. Pour it into a staple cake covered with baking paper and buttered in butter, and bake it at 160 degrees until red. Occasionally check with a light bandage to see if the inside has dried up. You can also upload the same mass to the muffin information.
You can spread the top of the pancake on the top of the pancake. If you feel the need, drizzle with marzipan.

Цrцk's favorite, pancakes

If you are not doing well with the events, or are simply looking for something faster and simpler, here is a thousand-step, cool solution!
- Make the pancakes from the whole wholemeal dough flour.
From pancakes, you can make cakes, small, cute packages, bunny biscuits, traditional pancakes.
- Fill it with fillings that do not contain sugar, only raw, whole fruits, oilseeds.
Csokikrйm: blend two bananas and a ripe avocado, then mix one tablespoon of natural cocoa powder. This way you can smear the top of your pancake cake!
Almas filled: peeled apples, finely grated or whipped, mixed with minced almonds or minced di
Strawberry filling: a banana, 20 deca mirelite strawberries, three tablespoons almonds, a few drops of lemon
Filled with: infuse 5-10 deca raisins or 5-6 grains large, natural (unsweetened), pitted date into as many orange juice as you can, and then shake with a smoothie.
Kуkuszkrйm: use couscous flour or finely grind in 15 cubes of couscous. Mix two tablespoons of oat bran and filter in a dated 4 to 5 grain natural date. Start cooking in as much milk, rice milk or oat milk as you can, and as it thickens, just add a little more. Stir constantly. If well mixed, wash with bot blender.
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