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Who will be the "problem" at the school, will it be at school?

Who will be the "problem" at the school, will it be at school?

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Children who are socially and behaviorally immature at the age of 5-6 years suffer from a number of disadvantages in elementary school until their fourth year, according to an American research study.

Who will be the "problem" at the school, will it be at school?

"In a 2015 study, parents overlooked children in terms of social and behavioral skills, which are important for learning. They also found that they were" Deborah Gross, a researcher at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. The research involved 9,000 elementary school students in Baltimore, who were followed up by fourth grade students from high school. It turned out that by the fourth grade, those who performed poorly in school (5-6 years) in social and behavioral terms were 80 percent more likely to fail than their peers.
In addition, children who are not ready for large groups are 80% more likely to need tailor-made assistance, even for work. It was also proven that these children were seven times more likely to drop out of school until their fourth year.
It was unambiguous that among boys is a child who is not ready to integratetherefore, in the elementary school, all the above difficulties must be confronted.
"You have an important study that has shown what it is like it is important to develop children earlyand that problems with children in distress how early they start. Conversion programs are costly, but they are invaluable, as they can cure children, parents, educators, and school for a number of problems, "she concludes. Amie Bettencourt.
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