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More money from now on breast milk

More money from now on breast milk

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Toddlers who have more milk than their baby needs may be given extra money to donate milk.

More money from now on breast milk

Tцbb pйnz jбr jцvх hйttхl the cast of gyыjtхбllomбsokon anyatejйrt - use the the MTI nyomбn.Az Human Erхforrбsok Minisztйriuma Saturday kцzlemйnyйben highlighted: the importance of breast milk rendkнvьl csecsemхk tбplбlбsбban, termйszetes цsszetevхi rйvйn biztosнtja aktuбlis tбpanyagszьksйgletьket. As a matter of fact, it is important for more babies to be included in breastfeeding, so the government has upgraded the amount of donated breast milk it has received. This means that this week instead of $ 1,800, $ 2,700 per liter to those mothers who deliver breast milk on a breast milk collector. The benefit is a tax-free income. Those needy mothers who need breast milk can get it for free. included in the specialist bulletin.


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