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What is a baby brain?

What is a baby brain?

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Baby-brain or placenta-brain, not cool ideas. It is called the fertility characteristic of pregnant mothers. Well, if there is one.

What is a baby brain?

Placenta-brain or baby-brains are called when women may develop short-term memory disorders during pregnancy. Diarrhea can cover many things, manifesting itself in daily routines: forgetting work and home. Of course, it is possible that just before the end of the pregnancy, the mother is simply too tired to concentrate on anything else besides the pregnancy. Or you just have nothing else to do in your mind than a baby's birth. According to a study published in the New Scientist magazine, only a myth of what is known as "baby brain" means that the baby's brain shrinks to the end of pregnancy. Valуjбban the йdesanyбk the agymыkцdйs the terhessйg rйvйn tцbb szempontbуl is much better munkaerхvй vбlnak.A gyermekszьlйs kцvetkeztйben specifically to improve, leading to greater йrzelmi rugalmassбghoz, йs ezбltal the fйlйnk nхket dominбns erхvй vбltoztatja the munkahelyen.A kutatуk it нrjбk cikkьkben that the brains of йdesanyбk during pregnancy, she undergoes incredible changes. Experts have shown that after childbirth, they are more dimensional and effective than before. A 20-year study by the Austrian National University Research Group on Health and Aging analyzed the mental function of a group of women during pregnancy and pre-pregnancy.We did not find any specials between women before and after pregnancy or motherhood, but no difference was found between women who are parents, pregnant women or women who do not have a baby, "she said. Helen Christensen, the lead author of the study. Women underwent memorial and cognitive speed tests over eight years three times in the Path Through Life study. The vizsgбlatsorozat egyйbkйnt watched 20 йven keresztьl kivбlasztott 7500 vйletlenszerыen ausztrбl residents mentбlis egйszsйgйt.Bбr the kнsйrlet showed certain korlбtozott mйrtйkы hatбst vonatkozуan the kognitнv sebessйgre the terhessйg kйsхi szakaszбban, but it бllнtja Christensen, the eredmйnyek it igazoljбk that terhessйg йs the gyermekszьlйs has no lasting effect on women's mental abilities. According to research, people tend to become pregnant with the normal memory omissions that can happen to us at any time.


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